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A visa gift card is useful to make purchases similar to a standard debit or credit card. Some cards are automatically activated after their purchase. Others may need appropriate steps to enable them. Activating a visa card can be comfortable with the help of MyPrepaid Center. With MyPrepaidCenter login, you can activate a card. It is possible to create your profile. After logging in, you can learn about your card. Feel free to use the helpline number to contact customer service agents. Here are some tips to activate your visa debit and gift cards.


Use MyPrepaidCenter

With this portal, you can manage your prepaid cards, such as MasterCard, Discover, and Visa. The website permits you to register a profile, activate a prepaid card, generate one transaction report, and check balance. Award cards, promotion, and loyalty from merchants can be accessed through this website. 

After receiving a link to the card, you can activate this card before using it. Without enabling this card, you can not register even for online shopping. Before logging in, you have to activate your prepaid card. It will take a few minutes to activate your prepaid cards.


Activate Your Card on Phone

You can call on the automated number available on the card. These cards are available with stickers with a toll-free number. If your card doesnt have a number, you can call a customer service number. 

After making a call, you have to follow prompts to input the mandatory information. You may need expiry date and code available on the back of the card. A debit card requires you to create a personal identification number. Make sure to enter this PIN twice for verification and memorize the PIN. For security and privacy, you have to select a unique number.


Activate Card Through Bank

Banks help you to activate your visa debit card. Make a call to bank and provide necessary information to confirm your identity. You have to give the representative CVV code, expiration date, and card number. 

A mobile app of your bank can help you to activate your card. To use this app, you have to create an account. Search for card activation option and follow the available instructions.


Increase Safety of Your Card

If you want to prevent theft, flip your prepaid card and sign the strip to avoid problems related to fraudulent purchases. To use your card, merchants can evaluate the signature on their back. They will compare signs with sales receipts to verify the use of card.


Record the Information of Card

Write down registered information and account number linked with the prepaid card. Make sure to store this place at a safe place. Without this information, you can not replace your card. Make sure to use it for online shopping. 

Make sure to use the card before its expiry. Visa gift cards come with an expiry date. Make sure to use this card before its expiry. Without activating a card, you can not get access to its balance. The expiry date is available on your card. It will help you to use the voucher before its expiry.


Scams of Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards can help you to control your debts. At the same time, you can be a victim of fraud. Criminals always need ways to steal information about prepaid cards. It is not possible to get legal protection to get money back. To avoid these scams, you have to follow these precautions: 

If you are using a prepaid card in grocery stores, you have to be careful because scammers can stand behind with a cellphone. They can make a video to get your PIN and card number. For this reason, keep an eye on your surroundings. 

You must not run after fraudulent emails because these can steal your information. If a person promises a massive profit in email, you must not pay attention to this email. Remember, it is not safe to share your sensitive information in an email. 

If you want to protect your information, avoid deceptive marketing scams. Numerous fraudulent loan scams can affect your life. You should not run after attractive loan applications. Avoid online loans to decrease the chances of frauds. You must have an explanation of everything before applying for a loan.


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