How to Activate a Visa Card and Check its Balance


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Nowadays, visa cards are available to business customers and individuals through different financial institutions. These cards offer convenient buying powers and opportunities to earn rewards. Sometimes, you can get cashback, enjoy travel bonuses, and strengthen your credit history. 

For your convenience, it is crucial to track the initial and remaining balance of your visa card. You may check the balance from the website of card issuers or make a call on their toll-free numbers. Fortunately, MyGiftCard is a reliable platform to check balance. With MyGiftCardSite official, you can check the balance of MasterCard gift card or Visa Card. It directly connects to MasterCard and Visa networks. Feel free to register a card there.


Activate a Visa Gift Card

Many visa cards activated mechanically upon purchase. It is easy to use it immediately. A few cards need special activation procedure before using them. To activate a gift card, you will need a 16 digits number of this card. Numerous cards include telephone number and address of a website. Follow the activation instructions of the card issuer or use a toll-free number of customer service. 

To avoid illegitimate use a card, you have to sign within a particular area on the back. Secure this card in a safe place and put the card number and contact information of issuer in a separate location. In this way, you can stop the misuse of your stolen visa card.


Check Balance of Visa Gift Card

Before shopping, it is necessary to check the balance of your visa gift card. Here are some ways to check the balance of a visa gift card:



After getting a visa gift card, it is necessary to check its current balance. With MyGiftCard site, it is possible to do this within a minute. This official portal allows checking the balance easily. For this purpose, you have to register your card with this portal. Here are some simple steps to use this portal:


1.       Visit via your phone or laptop.

2.      Input a card number printed on the card along with a security code. You will find the security code on the back of your card.

3.      Verify that you are not a robot and log in.


After logging in, you will view the details of your card along with current balance. This portal is reliable to check current balance, register a card, and check transaction history. A prepaid gift card is useful in the USA to make purchases.


Toll-Free Number

Check the back of your visa card to view toll-free number. With this toll-free number, you can get advantage of their customer support. Call this number to check balance. After calling this number, you have to follow prompts. For instance, you have to enter the gift card number, three-digit code, and expiration date to get the balance of a gift card.


Avoid Security Issues with Gift Cards

Gift card frauds are less damaging and pervasive than credit card frauds. Still, you can not ignore them. It is essential to understand the risk of possible scams at the time of selling and buying gift cards. Take the necessary precautions to protect your investment. Here are some common types of frauds.



Online registration for gift cards, reloading, and balance tracking are common among different retailers. These activities open opportunities for spammers and hackers. They can exploit the weaknesses in a system. Moreover, fraudsters use gift cards to drain value in hacked accounts, such as hackers get access to credit card rewards of consumers. They can use your card to convert it into cash.


Theft or Stolen Gift Cards

Another fraud is the physical theft of these cards. Retailers often put stacks of gift cards via the store for easy shopping. Thieves may steal one stack of visa gift cards to write down identifying details, such as security code, PIN, card number, etc. After obtaining this information, they can track the balance on the card.

If you want to avoid potential frauds, make sure to buy gift cards from reputable, trusted retailers. Try to purchase these cards directly from the store. You must not disclose your personal information to anyone while buying gift cards. Remember, you will not need personal data, such as date of birth, social security number, and bank account number to buy a visa gift card.

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