FBNQuest to Examine Halal Investments - the Wins, Gaps and Capital Sweet Spots


Monday, July 12, 2021 / 3:49 PM / Bukola Akinyele-Yisau / Header Image Credit: WebTV


As Islamic finance evolves in frontier markets like Nigeria, retail and institutional investors are showing increasing interest in Shari'ah-compliant funds due to their ethical nature.


One of such investments is the "Halal Fund" which presents an inclusive option for anyone to invest especially individuals who consider certain social welfare and moral standards when investing.


This form of investment has existed since the 7th century but only started to experience formalization in the 1960s. Another interesting part of the business is that the entire Halal finance industry hovers around a value of $2 trillion.


FBNQuest has recommended the FBN Halal Fund to investors seeking to diversify their portfolios while earning competitive fixed-income yields. Through the "FBN Halal Fund", the organization has provided investors with long-term income generation strategies by investing primarily in screened Shari'ah-compliant investment opportunities and contracts. To get more information you can follow FBNQuest on social media or the website https://fbnquest.com/asset-management.


The WebTV's Islamic Finance Weekly programme on Friday, July 16th, 2021, at 11.00 am is a special edition with Ifeoluwa Dixon, Head, Fixed Income Solutions, FBNQuest Asset Management and Aisha Wanka, Relationship Manager, FBNQuest Asset Management. The programme is themed "Halal Investments - The Wins, Gaps & Capital Sweet Spots".

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Speakers Profile

Ifeoluwa Dixon is a Senior Vice President and the Head, Fixed Income Portfolio Management at FBNQuest. She also doubles as the lead portfolio manager of the FBN Money Market, Fixed Income, and Eurobond Funds. She currently manages circa N350bn Assets under Management. Ifeoluwa has over 15 years of professional experience which spans portfolio management for institutions and retail clients. Ifeoluwa has key competencies in portfolio management, financial statement analysis as well as tracking and forecasting macro-economic and other key market indicators.


Aisha Wanka is a Relationship Manager and Team leads Northern Hub Affluent, FBNQuest Asset Management. She has over 12 years of experience in Portfolio and Personal Finance Management.


Some of the key issues to be discussed include; 

  1. The concept of Halal and its relevance to financial markets and economies
  2. How investment firms can help individual keep up with their investments, personal finance, and entrepreneurial journey
  3. Understanding the Halal Investment types and how they work
  4. The developing trends shaping the Halal finance industry
  5. How critical Sharia Compliance is in the investment guidelines of Halal
  6. Factoring Standardization, Certification as it concerns expenses incurred in Halal finance
  7. Risk Management and sustainability of Halal investment pools in places like Nigeria


To participate, register for free via: https://islamicfinanceweekly2.eventbrite.com

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


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