FBN Holding Plc - Cessation of the Global Depositary Receipt Programme


Monday, November 07, 2016 3:10 PM / NSE

Kindly be informed that in line with the terms and conditions of the Global Depositary Receipt Programme (GDR) agreement, FBN Holdings Plc’s (Formerly First Bank of Nigeria Plc) GDR programme will be terminated on 28 December 2016.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, in its capacity as the Depositary, has sent a notice to the clearing systems to notify the termination date of 28 December 2016.

If any GDRs are outstanding after the termination date, Deutsche shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, sell the underlying ordinary shares and deliver the net proceeds of such sale to Holders of GDRs which have not previously been surrendered.

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