eTijar Seeks to Lead Innovation in the Nigerian Non-Interest Finance Market


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eTijar is poised to lead innovation and deepen the Nigerian non-interest finance market, as it is working out modalities to be a full shariah-compliant ethical finance and wealth management fintech platform.


Founded by Bashir Yusuf Ahmed a former Senior Executive a GiCell Wireless and Metronet Broadband Networks, Bashir had been working in the technology and innovation sector for more than a decade before venturing into Islamic finance three years ago.


As a company eTijar is focused on providing the best in Halal investment and finance products & services. This is built on developing products and services through long-term collaborative partnerships.


Its Global market starting with Nigeria, is targeting the Gen Z, Y and Millennial Market with an estimated 20 million young Muslims and ethically-minded potential users with investable funds.


According to the founder Bashir Yusuf "We are digitizing how young Muslims handle debt, save, invest, and spend money in an interest free-way. Our typical client is young in their twenties to late thirties, entering their prime spending and earning years, and looking to secure their financial future".


Speaking further he stressed that "There are an estimated 15 million young Muslim professionals with idle money never saved or invested. With our app, they can make a budget, manage their expenses, create an investment and savings plan, automatically calculate annual tax and zakat and create a living will".


The products and services offered by eTijar cover a wide range of segments in the non-interest finance market which include;


An ethical non-interest Investment and finance platform

A multi-currency e-wallet that allows you to get qard hasn (benevolent loan) in place of interest-based payday loans.

eTijar helps you to exchange, spend and send money at the best possible rates. Build an asset portfolio for your future income with selected shariah-compliant equities and index funds.


eTijar Halal Investment

eTijar helps you invest in a shariah acceptable way, in fully diversified portfolios of low-cost Halal index funds, equities and alternative investments, based on your risk profile using the Modern Portfolio Theory the halal way. Our technology simplifies the entire investing experience and provides you with the best possible return. Invest with eTijar: save on time, effort & money. Stay halal.



Many people leave their estates to guesses and squabbles, a lot of assets never get found or known about, even more, creating an estate plan in compliance with Islamic rules of inheritance is a practice abandoned. Wassiyat changes everything. Now you can create legal documents that comply with Islamic rules in minutes, at a very low cost, and in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We can further get it notarized if you desire.


We keep simple so reviews are easy and quick.



Zakat is obligatory on all Muslims who have surplus wealth for a full lunar year, exceeding the monetary value of 85 grams of gold (7.5 Tola), we will help you calculate it either by your manual input or as an automated action from your eTijar account.


eTijar will help you with deduction and payout to vetted charities, zakat funds, and individuals of your choice.


Muslims have long excluded themselves from many savings and investment opportunities, Muslims do not partake in interest-based investments or savings and are mandated to take our debt obligation very seriously, that every transaction must be written down and a payback date agreed upon. As Muslims, such tools are not available for the 21st century.


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Read more about eTijar here: eTijar New Partner Deck

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


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