Time for Insurance to be Made Part of Our National Emergency Management Plan?


Monday, June 21, 2021   /09:34 AM / OpEd By Ekerete Ola Gam-Ikon  / Header Image Credit:Al Jazeera 


Reading, with great pain, the narration of the unfortunate and unexpected gas explosion that occurred last Thursday 17th June, 2021 in Ikeja, by Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), without the mention of insurance as part of the recommendations Nigerians should note, prompted this short message, intended to inform, educate, enlighten and hopefully, empower Nigerians.


While praying for such disaster not to reoccur, I felt obligated to inform Nigerians that:

1. Accidents and incidents, unintended and deliberate, happens. This is Life!

2. Often, preventive measures are crucial, but inadequate, so there should be a Plan in place for necessary recovery management after the ugly events. This is Insurance!

3. Possibly, some of the affected persons (dead or survivors), the truck, buildings, vehicles and businesses have insurance contracts in place to address the emergent issues. This is Reality!

4. Anytime an accident/incident occurs near you, call the Emergency Free Toll Line, which should alert the insurance industry to ensure appropriate response. This is Best Practice!


It is time to incorporate insurance and risk management policies into our National Emergency Management Plan, so that we can have a complete integrated plan to prepare and respond, not only to the emergency but also to the recovery thereafter, in a systematic manner.


With proper insurance in place for the OPIC Building, personal and corporate vehicles including the LPG Tanker and, importantly, every person who was in the building and its vicinity, measurable compensation would be made by insurers of these respective interests.


The costs of medical care and replacement of damaged/burnt properties would readily become the responsibilities of the insurers and they would respond accordingly.


The ongoing payment of settled claims to policyholders who suffered losses during the violence that followed the EndSARS protests last year is a clear indication that the insurance industry is gradually becoming more responsive.


Begin each day with insurance on your mind; do not wait, talk to an authorized insurance broker or consultant today for the appropriate insurance policy for you, your dependents and businesses.


About The Author 

Ekerete Olawoye Gam-Ikon, MNIM, CPP, is a management consultant with a specialization in Strategy and Insurance. You can contact him via e:mail olagamola@gmail.com and mobile +234-806-648-1111 

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