Progressive Offers A Way for Insurance Agents to Get Leads through Tablet Connection


Wednesday, August 14, 2019 06:00PM / Aqib Raja* / Header Image Credit: insureonsolutions


Nowadays, insurance agents need secure connections to get leads. Networking is necessary to connect with people.


The best thing for an insurance agent is to stay connected with customers. Fortunately, you can get the advantage of tablet connections of Progressive. These are primarily available for insurance agents.


Details of these connections are available at ForAgentsOnly website.


ForAgentsOnly allows you to share new deals with clients or stay connected with them for renewal and other matters. With these touchpoints; you can let them realize their value for you. These connections help you to go a long way to increase retention of customers and build long-term relations.


Creative Ways to Get Leads

An insurance agent can’t work without lead. For this reason, you must have a strong marketing strategy to generate leads. A platform is necessary to build your pipelines for executive leads. Progressive is helping insurance agents and brokers through its platform. Here are some creative methods to build goodwill and earn the trust of customers.


Learn Names of People

If you want to create powerful connections between you and your customers, you have to learn their names. It is possible by recording their information in a handy device. Tablets can be an excellent way to impress your customers. By calling a client with his/her name, you can increase the possibility of more sales.


Focus on a Particular Niche

Online insurance space is getting crowded. In this situation, you can niche down to attract leads quickly. With a general insurance platform, it may take longer to get customers. For the best results, you will need a specific website focusing on a niche. Google will rank this site at a faster rate. Each page of your site must encourage customers to get insurance. You have to answer additional questions from your clients to increase their motivation.


Work on a List

Sometimes, you may consider purchasing leads to make your job easy. Numerous companies may hand you necessary contact information for emails, cold calls, and direct mail. Remember, you will need details of insurance plans to entertain customers.


Your life can be easy with the help of tablet connections. It proves helpful to find customized insurance plans for your customers. Make sure to evaluate available information to increase your sales and profit.


Ask for Referrals

If you want quality leads, make sure to get referrals from satisfied clients. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get referrals from your clients. This process can be especially tricky for a new insurance agent. New insurance brokers or agents can get referrals from former coworkers, family, and friends.


Volunteering may help you to improve your reputation. Work as a dedicated member of the community. You have to show off your special skills related to the insurance industry. For instance, host insurance seminars or advise local charities.


Become a part of online meetups or become a guest speaker for any business group. You must treat these opportunities as sales presentations. Build a strong reputation among people to win their trust. It will help you to generate leads for your insurance company.


24/7 Live Chat

Remember, live chat software can take your lead generation game to another level. ForAgentsOnly allows you to interact with your customers directly. Moreover, you will need a user-friendly website to start conversations with visitors. Online chat with clients can qualify leads.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cheap and easy way to reach customers. For successful email marketing, you will need an organized list of customers. You have to divide your audience into groups and design customized messages for each group. A short subject line and informative body with quality content can be helpful to generate leads.


Clients may not like to receive numerous emails daily. Multiple emails may lead directly into spam box. For this reason, pay attention to quality instead of quantity. Try to design a well-targeted email and send one email in a month. It is better than sending numerous irrelevant emails daily or weekly.


Remember, networking is essential to generate leads and increase sales in insurance business. Google and social media platforms can help you to target your customers. To increase their loyalty, you have to stay connected with them.


*Aqib Raja is a Digital Marketer and IT Professional. You can connect with him on Facebook



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