What Are the Different Types of PVC Fittings?


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Knowing the PVC size uses and dimension is quite overwhelming if you are new to buying any PVC-U Weld Fittings packages. Therefore, you need an easy-to-read blog on the latest PVC fitting types. Keeping that ease in mind, we have curated this blog below.


Read the different types of PVC fittings available to buy in the market, especially in the category of the PVC-U or unplasticized parts. 


These types are:



These tees fit well with three endings. Out of these, two are in a straight line, and one is at the 90-degree angle. 


Tees PVC fittings allow a single line to split into another two with a connection of 90-degree. Interestingly, you can say tees can also join two lines with the third one. These tees are used for fitting parts like slip socket ends. 



These PVC-U weld fittings are uncommon. They connect four pipe sections for four different lines to work. These four sections meet at a right angle in the middle, forming a "plus" sign or shape.


These crosses are used to build a PVC pipe framework. So, they are famous for bringing more shape and structural integrity within the framework. Similarly, these crosses help in diving the flow of fluid into four further directions.



Elbows help in bending the targeted pipe in the way for a better flow in a more complex piping structure or framework. These elbows bend the pipe at 90- and 45-degree angles. 


Then, you can easily direct the flow in any direction or way you wanted. These elbows also help in building a framework for canopies, boxes, tents, and some displays. Some elbows can also have three ends instead of two.



These connectors help in closing two female ends in a PVC pipe or system. The fittings in the entire PVC-U weld fittings system are nipples. These nipples have two male-threaded ends. They are compatible with schedule 80 or 40 parts PVC too. 


Couplings and Unions

Couplings are relatively inexpensive PVC fittings in the market. They are small and help connect one part or pipe to another. That is usually for a permanent connection or framework. 


They help in connecting a single pipe to another or a pipe to a fitting. Some couplings reduce in size to help secure a large pipe to a smaller one or vice versa. You can buy couplings or unions with female-threaded ends or slips. It depends on your current fitting or connection needs.



Flanges are that connector helping you to connect different accessories to a pipe or its PVC system. These connectors are disc-like in shape. They seal two surfaces after being pressed together. Though, you do need bolts, edges, or clamps for a permanent force joining them permanently.


They are also used to increase the current strength or capability of the pipe. The most common flanges application is at the base of a toilet.


The PVC flanges have threaded ends or are the ones with slips. They are manufactured with schedule 80 parts because of the strength they support.


Caps and Plugs

These caps have a fundamental job: stop the flow. You can put them at one pipe's end to stop the flow. It means that the targeted end does not need any further connection. 

It will stop the pipe's scope from expanding further to any other pipe or fitting. However, you can remove the cap any time later to raise the same end as per the demand of the system. 


These caps are also helpful to give a finishing look when you are constructing PVC buildings or similar projects. These caps either work with sockets or female-threaded ends. 


Plugs stop the flow in a fitting instead of a pipe. Plugs can be inserted inside of a fitting instead of its extreme end. They have either a male-threaded end or a spigot. 



They are often termed as reduced couplings. They are used to change the end of a pipe, creating a scope for the targeted pipe to get connected with other fittings or pipes of different sizes or shapes.



Bushings work like adaptors, but they help in reducing fittings instead of pipes. They can be added to an adaptor or help in connecting pipes with entirely different diameters. It makes the customization of the PVC building framework easier. 


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