CBD Vs Kratom: Which One Is Better for Natural Remedies?


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Whether it is for pain relief, inducing sleep, or treating physical and mental conditions, people will always prefer natural remedies. Therefore, natural compounds such as Cannabidiol (CBD) have gained much popularity globally. People are using CBD for both recreational purposes and enhancing their health, thanks to its therapeutic effects. CBD benefits have raised curiosity in many individuals of whether there are other plants that could deliver similar or even more health benefits, which resulted in the discovery of kratom.

Though not as popular as CBD, gold kratom has also won many peoples' hearts for its relaxing effects on the body and reduces symptoms of many illnesses. Some individuals even say that it could be an excellent substitute for CBD. This remains a topic that requires further research. Although these two plants have many similarities, especially in their benefits to the body, they are with no doubt independently occurring and therefore have numerous distinctions. Let's look at each independently. 


What is CBD?

CBD, short form for cannabinoid, is a chemical compound derived from a hemp plant. This naturally occurring plant is an ingredient in numerous products like tea, coffee, gummies, lotions, body wash, balms, tinctures, etc. Most people tend to confuse CBD and its counterpart, THC.


THC is another chemical compound in the cannabis Sativa plant that is popular for its hyperactive effects on the body. The lack of a clear understanding of these two products is probably why CBD is illegal in some states. A cannabis plant has two main products; marijuana and hemp. While marijuana has high THC levels, hemp only contains little of it, probably 0.3% and more of CBD. This means that marijuana will have psychoactive effects once consumed while CBD won't. Instead, CBD will leave your body with a relaxed and calm feeling. 


Health benefits for CBD

The growing popularity of CBD is due to its wide range of health benefits. CBD is well known for its ability to bring down anxiety. CBD triggers brain function and its response to serotonin, the hormone responsible for maintaining a stable mental state. It reduces anxiety symptoms by reducing stress, inducing sleep, lowering PTSD symptoms, and boosting the heart's performance. Research shows that a 600 mg dose of CBD is enough to help persons with social anxiety.


CBD has anti-seizure properties that are useful in treating epilepsy. Some patients with epilepsy were monitored for 12 days, during which they took 5 mg of CBD daily. While there were no side effects by the end of the three months, there was a considerable improvement in the seizure symptoms.


There is further research aimed at revealing whether CBD could help with neurodegenerative disorders. This severe condition alters brain and nerve functioning and could lead to paralysis. Also, there are claims and anecdotal evidence that CBD can treat Parkinson's disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer's disease. As far as CBD benefits are concerned, the list is endless. It is also a remedy for pain, used in cancer treatment, and has wild benefits for the skin. 


What is kratom?

Kratom is a herb initially grown in Indonesia, Thailand, New Guinea, and other Southern Asia parts. People who discovered this tree used its eave for its medicinal value. This has continued to the present, where people use kratom for its myriad benefits and recreational purposes. It is more prevalent among athletes for its ability to boost a person's performance and speed recovery for minor and severe injuries. Although it is not very popular, kratom products like tea, coffee, capsules, and other supplements are readily available on the internet.


While this product has numerous alkaloids, the two widely known are mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxy mitragynine. Even though there is much to discover regarding this kratom, studies show that mitragynine, the active compound in kratom, has analgesic effects and a remedy for opioid dependency.


Kratom health benefits

Kratom leaves come with a basket full of benefits, some you probably didn't know about. The primary effect of kratom is its pain-relieving properties. Whether nociceptive, physical pain or neuropathic pain, which is chronic pain caused by severe illnesses like MS and arthritis, kratom is an essential remedy. Kratom relieves pain by interacting with pain receptors to trigger brain function. While there are numerous kratom strains, the red vein is the best for reducing pain.


Taking kratom supplements in the morning can set you to a happy and optimistic mind view. Kratom has mood-elevating effects, which is why individuals say that it has opioid effects, which is false. Mitragynine, a kratom alkaloid, interacts with opioid receptors in the brain, which regulates moods. This helps to alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms.


One of the reasons why athletes like to use kratom is because of its energy-boosting effects. Kratom leaves increase the body's metabolic rate and improve blood circulation, which helps to transport all the vital minerals and oxygen to the entire body. No wonder doctors recommend it for treating chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also worth recognizing that CBD helps improve focus, enhances cognitive ability, boosts memory, and helps with opioid withdrawal and managing diabetes.


So which one is better?

Based on each's health benefits, their chemical composition, and how they affect the body, it is impossible to pick on one. It is easy for someone to say CBD is better, seeing its ability to help with even severe conditions. However, it has been in use for a more extended period than kratom. As years go by, it will not be a wonder to find that kratom will be beneficial in more significant ways. Just use either depending on your needs. 


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