Alpha Mead's MHF can Set up a Healthcare Facility in 30 Days

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Wednesday, June 30, 2021 / 06:50 PM / Alpha Mead / Header Image Credit: Alpha Mead

From whatever lens one chooses to view the challenges with the healthcare sector in Nigeria today; whether financial, personnel, equipment, systems, or technologies; the biggest challenge of the sector is that of access to quality healthcare.


Nigeria today has a ratio of one doctor to over 1,000 patients. With this trajectory, access to healthcare will always remain a mirage.


This challenge can be further put in context when squared against 2019 data from Nigeria Health Facility Register (NHFR). According to the NHFR, Nigeria has 40,345 registered hospitals and clinics to serve the 201,000,000 population. This simply implies that one healthcare facility is responsible for an estimated 5,000 Nigerians. 


To address these challenges in the health sector; Alpha Mead Healthcare and Management Services, a subsidiary of the Alpha Mead Group, has launched a tech-driven facility, the Modular Healthcare Facility, MHF.


MHF to the Rescue

The Modular Healthcare Facility, MHF, is an innovation conceived to make healthcare accessible for all. It is a transportable portacabin, fully equipped healthcare facility that can be built and operational within 30 days. 


All you need for a healthcare facility to be standing in 30 days is to get the parts of the MHF on a truck, transport them to your preferred location, couple the modules together, and start operations in few days.


How MHF will benefit Nigerians and Improve Access to Quality Healthcare


  1. Modularity: Setup your healthcare facility within 30 days. With MHF, setting up a healthcare facility is now fast and devoid of the time lost to design, construction, equipment installation, and commissioning of regular brick and mortar healthcare facilities. 


  1. Leverage Technology to Optimize Manpower: Addressing the issue of inadequate medical practitioners, particularly doctors in the rural areas or crisis zones, the MHF uses technology to connect patients with medical doctors anywhere through its telemedicine facilities.


3.  Accessibility: The challenge of accessibility to quality healthcare is costing our nation a great deal. For example, a USAID report noted that Nigeria shoulders up to 10% of the global disease burden; noting further that this situation is caused by a lack of access to quality healthcare facilities and workers, particularly in the rural areas. The Modular Healthcare Facility has been to get quality healthcare to rural areas. It is also equipped with a bio-digester system that can convert waste to energy.


4.  Scalability: Being mobile is not just an advantage for access to healthcare. The MHF is designed to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. It optimizes human resources and helps investors enjoy an economy of scale. Instead of constructing immoveable buildings that might not be fully utilized in a location, you can the MHF.


5. Comes with the Standard Equipment Requirement: The WHO reports that only a quarter of Nigeria's healthcare facilities "have more than 25% of the minimum equipment package". It is therefore little wonder why Nigeria records a 42.8% prevalence of medical errors. The MHF comes with the standard equipment required for primary, secondary and tertiary levels.


MHF Variants

The MHF comes in different variants that give investors and stakeholders a range of options to choose from, depending on their needs and preferences. All MHF variants come with telemedicine facilities, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Radiology Information System (RIS), and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).


MHF 1 is designed for Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs). It houses a fully equipped laboratory, echocardiography, and ultrasound scan facilities.


MHF 2 is for advanced Primary and Secondary Healthcare Institutions. This model contains a fully equipped clinical laboratory, echocardiography, ultrasound scan, and X-Ray operations.


The MHF 3 is designed for Teaching Hospitals or other tertiary healthcare institutions. It will cater to the needs of specialist physicians requiring advanced diagnostic services. The MHF 3 comes with a fully equipped clinical laboratory, echocardiography, ultrasound scan, x-ray, and Computed Tomography (CT) facilities.


Presidential Endorsement

Given the huge impact, the MHF will bring to Nigeria's health sector, particularly in making quality healthcare accessible to all, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo endorsed it during the launch of the Modular Healthcare Facility at the General Hospital, Gbagada, Lagos, on Wednesday, June 23. He acknowledged that it would help attain SDGs 3 and 9.


Osinbajo, represented by the Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Mrs. Adejoke Orelope- Adefulire, profusely praised Alpha Mead.


"I applaud Alpha Mead Healthcare Management Services Limited for harnessing its scientific and technological expertise to make this Modular Healthcare Facility, a solution available for use in the country. It will go a long way in supporting our journey towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development," he said.


Professor Osinbajo added that the MHF has "appropriately captured SDG Goal 9, which aims at building resilient infrastructure, promote industrialization, and foster innovations across sectors including health, innovation, infrastructure, and new skills in technology development."


The VP further noted that the MHF would drive SDG 3 and one of its targets of achieving universal health coverage in low and medium-income countries. He urged other private sector players to emulate Alpha Mead, reiterating that the MHF would complement the government's efforts at transforming medical care. 


Where and how to use the MHF

The MHF is an answer to a lot of questions when it comes to the deployment and availability of medical services anywhere in Nigeria. It can be used in places such as:


  1. Government/ Political Leaders / NGOs: It can be used by government and NGOs to complement and accelerate the penetration of Primary Healthcare Centres, PHCs. Rather than lose time to the construction and commission of PHCs, the MHF can serve as a plug-and-play option. It can be operational in 30days. 
  2. Government / Private Hospitals: The MHF can serve as the diagnostic and laboratory facility of General, Teaching, or Private Hospitals that lack the necessary equipment. 
  3. Camps and Emergency Response Centres: From IDP camps to military base, construction to emergency response centres, the MHF is a compact healthcare solution that bring quality healthcare to the doorstep to otherwise inaccessible places like these. 


We care

With this remarkable investment in the MHF, Alpha Mead has affirmed that it is not just paying lip service to its brand promise of 'We Care...' Instead, it is committed to taking quality healthcare to the doorsteps of all Nigerians and help stem the increasing tide of diseases and avoidable deaths that is giving Nigeria a negative perception globally. 


Speaking at the launch Group Managing Director of Alpha Mead Group, Engr. Femi Akintunde said, "Our focus is to inject our internationally certified processes and systems into the health sector to improve the administration of healthcare in Nigeria".


Group Chairman, Alpha Mead Group, Mr. Mutiu Sunmonu (CON), affirmed the same at the MHF launch in Lagos, noting that "a product that accelerates access, addresses manpower shortages, leverages technology and can be rolled out on a massive scale is what our health sector needs. We are happy to be leading this innovation."


Nigeria's health sector will see a positive turnaround with the Modular Healthcare Facility as this innovative product will bridge the widening gap in access to quality healthcare in Nigeria.

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