Benefits of CBD for Pain Management


Monday, March 29, 2021 / 09:00 AM / By Sarah Williams / Header Image Credit: NorthEast Spine and Sports Medicine


Pain causes a lot of discomforts. Many people find the predicaments of most diseases unmanageable when it is associated with pain. The best remedy for pain has been a never-ending search as most pain relievers, only give a temporal soothing relief.


Cannabis contains up to 100 compounds known as cannabinoids of which CBD happens to be one. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is also found in cannabis and it is responsible for its intoxicating effects of which cannabis is known for.  In recent times, CBD oil has proven to be most effective and free of side effects. In this article, we will discuss extensively how this is achieved.


How does CBD work in the body?

First, we must understand that the body produces cannabinoids of its own called endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids help to regulate immune-system responses, pain, and sleep.


When CBD gets into the body, it does not release any substance but only influences the body to release more endocannabinoids. This inducement, causing the release of an endocannabinoid neurotransmitter called anandamide. This compound regulates pain. Acting on the nervous system, it reduces the perception of pain and therefore improves one's mood.


THC on the other hand acts differently. It fuses with the body's natural cannabinoids. This fusion leads to the release of neurotransmitters, as well as large deposits of dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical responsible for the euphoric feeling of highness in THC.


Research has proven that a little percentage of THC in CBD oils improves its effectiveness. However, this must be taken under proper supervision. Joy Organics provides more details on this. CBD alleviates inflammations in the nervous system. Inflammations are often associated with pain, insomnia, arthritis, and other chronic health conditions. 

Can CBD treat neuropathic pain?

Pain can evolve in many ways in the body. Asides from chronic pains and neuropathic pains, that is as a result of injury to the peripheral nerves is one rare kind of pain. This form of pain is common in ailments such as multiple sclerosis, infections such as shingles, and injuries such as herniated discs.


A research carried out in 2017 on over a thousand neuropathic patients has proven CBD to relieve pain associated with the nerves and also other symptoms associated with them. For instance, in multiple sclerosis, patients usually experience muscle spasms, these spasms can be very intense and cause even more pain. A recent report disclosed that the usage of CBD oil can reduce the frequency and intensity of these muscle spasms.

Can people dealing with chronic and neuropathic pains live normal lives?

It is really difficult for people to live and cope with chronic and neuropathic pains. As a result, they may end up redundant and may not be able to work. A highly effective process to taking CBD proposed by experts for people that work is the best for this kind of pain.


Are there variations in CBD oils?

CBD oil comes in various strengths depending on what it is being used for. It is important to make proper consultations before getting any CBD oil. Joy Organics is best known for providing the right information required to make effective purchase decisions.


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