Global Market: Argentina, RTS Exchanges Top Performing Stock Markets in 2015


Saturday, December 26, 2015 11.20pm / TheAnalyst


Stock markets around the globe have either rallied or records sharp sell-off in 2015 as available data has shown just as European equities are expected to record continued preference.


Market outlook at inception in 2015 pointed at the dominance of uncertainties around China and the prospect of a Fed tightening via an increase in rate which was eventually effected after keeping analyst guessing all through the year.


A quick look at market performance reflects that the Argentine Stock Market leads with +40.35% YTD gain as Russian and Italian markets follow closely with +24.88% and +15.27% gains respectively while the Isreali TA-100 records the least gain of +1.28%.



On the other hand, NSE ASI records the highest loss of -22.47% and closely followed by Singapore and Indonesian markets with -14.49% and -13.47% in that order

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