Corruption Perception Index: How did SSA perform?


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Yesterday, the Transparency international published Its global corruption perceptions index (CPI) report, which surveys 180 countries across different regions, on the perceived levels of public sector corruption. With a score range of 0 (high corruption) to 100 (low corruption), the global average score was underwhelming at 43 points. Across the regions covered, Western Europe and E.U. countries scored the highest average score, with Denmark and New Zealand bagging the award for the least corrupt countries in the world. 


Bringing it closer to home, unimpressively, Sub-Saharan African countries received the lowest average score at 32 points. While Seychelles, Botswana and Cabo Verde were perceived to be the least corrupt, Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia were the most corrupt countries in the region. Looking at some of the top economies in Africa, Nigeria and Angola ranked 146, Kenya ranked 137, Ghana and Morocco ranked 80 and South Africa ranked 70 out of the 180 countries surveyed.


Judging by the above ranking, the general perception of Sub-Saharan African countries remains unimpressive, with continued impact on foreign direct investment, external borrowing and global competitiveness. With little or no improvement in the drive to tackle political loopholes and corruption, massive influx of resources that will drive development might remain on the sidelines.


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