Inflation And Interest Rates In Africa: A Big Deal For Investors?


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Recently, several African economies released inflation figures for Jan-2020. The region's largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa, recorded inflation rates of 12.1% y/y (22-months high) and 4.5% y/y (7-months high) respectively. This was due to a respective pressure in food and energy prices. Similarly, inflation rates in Rwanda (7.3%) and Mauritius (2.0%), grew compared to Dec-2019. However, Ghana (7.8%), Tunisia (5.9%) and Namibia (2.1%) recorded lower y/y rates.


As a compensation to investors, nominal yields on fixed income securities in African countries are expected to remain above inflation. Using the 10-year bond as a proxy for nominal yield, across the countries covered, Ghana, Tanzania and Egypt offer the highest real return at 11.2%, 10.7% and 8.8% respectively. However, Mauritius (2.2%) and Morocco (1.5%) offer the lowest cover for inflation. For the continent's heavyweights, South Africa offers 4.5% real yield, while Nigeria's real yield at -1.4% is very worrisome, implying a negative real return for investors.


Looking at the performance of these economies in attracting capital, the positive real yields in Ghana and Egypt, coupled with strengthening local currencies (7.0% and 2.3% YTD respectively), has buoyed foreign portfolio inflows. As a result, foreign reserves for these countries has been on the rise. However, the policy uncertainties in Nigeria seemed to be slowing the pace of foreign capital flows, amid sustained pressure on external foreign reserves.


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Looking Forward



Jan-2020 Inflation Rate - February 24th

Jan-2020 Net Reserves - February 28th



Jan-2020 Money Supply YoY - February 27th Jan-2020

 Gross Reserves - February 27th



Dec-2019 Money Supply YoY - February 29th

Q4-2019 PPI YoY - February 27th



Policy Rate Decision - February  26th



Jan-2020 Inflation Rate - February  21st

Q4-2019 Unemployment  - February  29th



Dec-2020 Private Sector Credit YoY - February 

22nd Q4-2019 GDP - February  24th



Q4-2019 GDP QoQ - March 3rd


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