Best and Worst Performing Global Markets in 2016


 Monday, April 25, 2016 10:30AM /Proshare Markets 

The fall in oil price at the international market has been a major factor that has affected most economies around the globe in the current year. This challenge has made oil producing countries including the Arab nations to begin talks on how to survive outside oil. 

Stock markets generally are not immune to happenings around their respective economies. This simply explains why some markets are not performing to expectations.  

We hereby present a breakdown on the top five (5) worst and best performing markets in in the world.

 Best Performing Global Markets 

1. Brazil (Bovespa) – The Brazilian Bovespa is currently the best performing market in the world. The index has recorded +23.72% ytd gain as at 21st April, 2016. The Brazilian economy is reported to be in a terrible state while its stock market is taking the lead in world market in terms of index performance.  

2. Argentina (Merval) – The Argentine stock market is the second best in the world after its neighbour Brazil with +19.26% ytd gains. The index was among the best performing major indices in the last two years, rising 59 percent in 2014 and 36 in 2015. The index current performance is simply a reflection of its previous year performances. 

3.  Russia (RTS Exchange) – The Russian Stock is the third best performing market. The index has recorded +10.71% ytd gain despite the economic sanctions imposed on the country by the US and the UK over its involvement in Ukraine. The rise in crude oil price and foreign investment has been reported has the key drivers

4. Chile (IPSA) – The Chilean market has recorded +8.32% ytd gain in 2016 to emerge the fourth best performing markets in the world. No specific market information or news can be linked to the market performance. 

5. Jakarta Composite – The Jakarta Composite is the fifth best performing market in the world as it records +7.01% ytd gain.  

Worst Performing Global Markets 

1. Nigerian Stock Exchange – The Nigerian Stock market is the worst performing market in the world as at 21st April, 2016. It has recorded -13.03% ytd loss in 2016. The current performance of the NSE is simply a reflection of the challenges in the country’s economy which has affected both businesses and households.  

2. Italy Stock Exchange – The Italian market has so far recorded -12.21% ytd loss in 2016 to emerge the second worst performing stock in the world. Its economic situation and challenges as a PIGS nation might have contributed to its market woes.

3. China Stock Exchange – The Chinese stock market has experienced serious sell-offs in the beginning of the year which forced its regulators to introduce circuit breaker. It did not helped the situation and has to be removed. The market has recorded -10.96% ytd loss in 2016. The market was reported to have posted its worst monthly performance in January 2016.

4.  Belgium (BEL-20) – The Belgium market index has dropped by -8.52% ytd loss in 2016 and it is the fourth worst performing market in the world.

5. Switzerland (Swiss Market) – The Swiss market has shed -7.47% ytd loss in 2016. 

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