Argentina records +98.38% 2013 YTD gains to lead Global Exchanges; NSE ASI makes top three


Wednesday, October 23, 2013 9:45 AM / The Analyst


Major Global Stock Market indexes maintain uptrend as they advanced further in Q3 to record regions after rebounding from a recent dip that was sparked by uncertainties surrounding the posture/outlook of the US Fed Policy.


In spite of faltering in the final days of September due to the belligerence of the US congress over its debt obligations, the S&P 500 Index still reached its all-time high in September.


The G7 countries performance so far in the year has been impressive - the Japanese Nikkie currently tops with +41.54% YTD gains while the US Nasdaq and UK FTSE followed closely with +29.82% and +12.82% YTD gains respectively; as Italy recorded a negative YTD returns.



A similar review of the stock markets of the BRIC countries revealed that the Russian market has so far recorded a positive +3.90% YTD gain while the Indian Nifty also recorded +3.17% YTD gains. The Chinese and Brazilian markets dominated the negative positions with -10.70% and -2.62% losses respectively.



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