New Globacom tariff takes effect

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October 12, 2006/punch




The new GSM tariff that offers users lower prepaid rates on the Globacom’s network has become operational.

The mobile phone operator informed our correspondent on Wednesday that the new rates, which apply to users on its Classic Plus and Easy Talk offerings, are the lowest in the GSM market and became operational as from Monday.

Under the Classic Plus package, Glo subscribers can now make calls within the network (on-net) at 48 kobo per second during peak period and 40 kobo per second during off peak period.

Off-net calls (to other networks) under the package is now 70 kobo per second for both off peak and peak periods. The firm said subscribers would also enjoy 40 per cent reduction on calls to four pre-registered Glo numbers under its Friends and Family scheme.

The Friends and Family is a special set of numbers that Globacom allow users to register in order to get reduced call rates whenever calls are made to them.

The Easy Talk package, which the firm said has the lowest call rates offers subscribers a tariff of 33 kobo per second for on-net calls. Subscribers using the package would however pay a monthly rental fee of N399 to enjoy the low call rate.

Off-net calls are to attract 67 kobo per second for both peak and off peak periods. The firm said other benefits await users of the package.

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