Google lists Yoruba among new languages

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August 31, 2005



Google, the phenomenally successful search-engine now has Yoruba among the newly listed languages on its search engine. The URL is Aside Yoruba, the other new additional languages to its site are Cambodian, Corsican, Kazakh, Lingala, Pashto, Quechua, Shona, Tajik, Tatar and Tonga.

Before now, aside English, Google was available in the following languages among others: Deutsche, Espa–ol, Fran?ais, Italiano, Japanese, Korean, Nederlands, Polska, Svenska,

Although the Google site in Yoruba is still lean, the following areas can be navigated on the site: Iwadi fun aworan, Alantakun ti a mo si web, Ayaworan Akopo, Iwe Ilana, IwadiGoogle, aworan lekunrere and Gbogbo nkan nipa Google.

The site is still investigating a lot of things such as 8,168,684,336 web pages, 2,187,212,422 pictures, In the group category the web says:\" This site is not yet available in your language, but you can help translate it.\'\'

On how to translate Google into the local language, a posting on the web says: \"Google believes that fast and accurate searching has universal value. That\'s why we are eager to offer our service in all the languages scattered upon the face of the earth. We need your help to make this a reality.

\"You can volunteer to translate Google\'s help information and search interface into your favourite language. By helping with our translation process you ensure that Google will be available in your language of choice more quickly and with a better interface than it would have otherwise. There is no minimum commitment. You can translate a phrase, a page or our entire site. Once we have enough of the site translated, we will make it available in the language you are requesting. If you are interested in helping us, please read the translation style guide; frequently asked questions list, and the legal stuff. Then click on the link at the right to sign up as a volunteer. We hope you enjoy working on our Google translation project and thank you for helping to make Google a truly worldwide web service.\'\'

The site has a 100 per cent completion work on 52 countries, 99 per cent for 16 countries, while work is between 95-98 per cent in three countries with six countries having a completion rate of 92-94 per cent. 15 other countries have a completion rate of 90-92 per cent.

Only last week, the firm released a free service called Google Talk, which enables e-mail account holders to talk to each other via a PC, microphone and speakers.

But it has also allegedly taken over the notorious garb of Microsoft. On the trail of Google\'s success has been the allegation that it is unfairly treating its competitors, keen on throttling them. As part of its rapid growth, Google is set to take on online voice and instant messaging service providers such as Skype, Microsoft and Yahoo.

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