Conoil unveils transparent gas cylinders

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March 13, 2006




Conoil Plc, a Nigerian petroleum marketing company, has announced the introduction of transparent cylinders for domestic cooking gas. The company says the cylinder is heat-resistant, does not explode and has the capacity to stand adverse weather conditions.

The company describes the cylinder to be launched in the 12.5 kg size as non-corrosive, light-weight home appliance with user-friendly handles for convenient lifting. It says the cylinder is made from high quality materials and consists of three layers for safety and durability.

Being transparent the cylinder allows the user to know the gas level both at the point of purchase and during use.

Conoil says cylinders meet ISO 9001 standard and are certified by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria. It adds that the cooking gas cylinders are currently used in more than 45 countries across six continents.

 Conoil recently signed agreement with Firstgas Distribution Services Limited to market the cooking gas cylinders in Nigeria. First Gas Distribution Services is the franchise owners for composite cylinders in the world.

 Mr. Ige Belo, chief executive of First Gas, has assured consumers of safety of the new cooking gas cylinders. “The product is easy to manage and will endure the test of time as they have been subjected to extensive test programme by the manufactures,” Belo said. Before it was approved for use, he said, the cylinder had been subjected to tests of safety by fire, drop, cycling, high temperature creep, shotgun, flawed cylinder with cuts in the wall and permeability.

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