Big Brother Nigeria and B2B Communications: 7 Tips to Retain Audience Attention

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Saturday, August 14, 2021 02:00 PM /   By Mosron Communications / Header Image Credit: Mosron Communications

With viewers from 49 countries during its fifth season, Big Brother Nigeria (BBN) has become the most watched reality TV show on the continent. Lasting for about 3 months (90 days) per season, the show reached a milestone of 1.2 billion individuals on day 49,including 24.3 billion digital expressions created on social networks in the first one month of airing in 2020.



Of course, many will argue that the lockdown caused this unprecedented viewership but pundits now agree that Big Brother Nigeria is to Africa what the Super Bowl is to the United States.



What is the significance of such a show for an organisation that only sells to businesses?



Should a show like that materially impact traditional B2B communication strategies?

For us at Mosron Communications, our antecedent as a B2B PR and communication consulting firm tells us that for any B2B communication to be effective, it is important to unveil the individuals who are the target audience of our communication activities.


Consistent communication through established channels are core pillars in B2B communications. But where these channels are saturated with likely more interesting and topical information, it becomes a struggle to retain the attention of a distracted audience.



Using the Big Brother Nigeria show as a case study, we share 7 practical tips that B2B communication experts can consider when looking to engage a distracted audience.



1. Introduce faces of the organisation to the public


The content strategy behind the BBN show is highly visual and housemates are often

profiled. B2B organisations can draw from this tactic to introduce more content that

includes the faces of its team members and leaders.



2. Leverage on Executive Communication


Storytelling from the perspective of an executive in the organisation will drive visibility for the company's work. Whether through feature articles, expert commentaries or podcast features, increasing communication activities for key team members will keep a company's messages  afloat.



3. Significantly Increase Use of Audio-visual Content


Video is now the king of content. Also, people get to retain 95% of the information they consume via video and only 10% by reading. B2B PR pros should adopt this format and keep their content short and relevant to get maximum engagement.



4. Go Where the Fans are - Be Social for Business


Due to the high engagement of social media during the show, impressions and visibility for a B2B company will increase if they post content on platforms their fans visit often.



5. Timing Matters - Use Social Strategically


Most viewers tune in for the show after noon and work hours. It is hereby strategic thinking to maximise 9am-11am on a week day.



6. Create Case Studies citing BBN Features and Highlights


For content strategies involving, carefully selected and relevant highlights from the house can be used subtly to drive home a point for audiences who are also viewers of the show.



7. What's your business niche? Find Events from BBN to Illustrate


One of the most effective strategies that religious leaders use to ensure message retention is the use of relevant everyday stories to buttress a point. More than ever, this is the time to find examples from Big Brother Nigeria to drive home a business point.



Did you watch or read highlights about the fight between Maria and Queen? "You've only been here two days!" Apparently, such a simple sentence can cause a meltdown!


As communication experts, we know this. That is why we help our clients determine not only WHAT to say; we also teach them HOW to say it, providing critical CONTEXTUAL information that can de-escalate a potential crisis.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

See what we did there? Now try it for your business.


Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


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