47% of Nigerians are illiterate

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June 20, 2006/punch



A survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2006 has revealed that 53.3 per cent of Nigerians are literate in English Language, while 46.7 per cent are illiterate.

The bureau's report of the literacy level, exclusively obtained by our correspondent, also showed that 61.3 per cent of the male population are literate.

The report also said 45.3 per cent of the female were literate.

The Bureau used 15 years as the "adult age" in its survey.

Using the Core Welfare Indicators Questionnaire method, the bureau also discovered that the South-East geo-political zone, had the highest literacy level in Nigeria, with a literacy figure of 73. 5 per cent of the adult population.

It further showed that 80.4 per cent of the male population and 73. 5 per cent of the females in the South-East zone were literate.

The report also showed that the North-West posted the lowest figure, with only 23.2 per cent of the population literate.

According to the report, the South-West and the South-South geo-political zones placed jointly second, as they both had 70.4 per cent adult literacy level. The two zones also had the same male/female literacy level, as 78.8 of the adult male in the zones were literate while 62.1 of the female population were literate.

In the North-Central, the literacy level was 53.5 of the population, with male adult literacy put at 64.3 per cent of the population, while 42.0 per cent of the female population were literate.

The report further showed that North-West, had the lowest literacy figure in Nigeria (23.2 per cent) as the adult male literacy level was 31.0 while that of the female was 15.4 per cent.

The report of the literacy in the indigenous languages (literacy in any language) also covered by the survey however indicated that South-West and South-South zones came first as they both had the literacy level of 78.5 per cent.

The two zones also had the same figure for male and female literacy levels of 85.9 per cent for male and 71.3 per cent for female.

The South-East also came second under this category with adult literacy level of 74.7 per cent of its population, with 81.3 per cent for male and 68.8 per cent for female.

North-Central which had 57.9 literacy level in indigenous languages came third, as zone had 69. 0 per cent male literacy level and 46.1 female literacy level.

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