The UK's Future Economic Relationship With The EU


Thursday, June 30, 2016 6.36 PM / United Kingdom Parliament Treasury Committee Update                                                                                                   

Before the summer recess, the Committee will be taking further evidence on the relationships that the UK might now seek with the EU, the trade-offs between market access and control that are likely to be involved, and the practical consequences for people and businesses. 

Chair's Comments

Commenting on the announcement, Rt Hon. Andrew Tyrie, Chairman of the Treasury Committee, said:

"The UK's negotiating position has yet to be established. Article 50 should not be triggered until it has been.


A crucial task is to identify the maximum level of EU market access, consistent with the need for some control on migration. Work must also be done to identify not just the risks of leaving, some of which are becoming apparent, but also the opportunities. The Committee's first hearing took some evidence on both."

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