Nigeria and South Africa: A Reason to Worry?


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Earlier in the week, two African giants - Nigeria and South Africa - dominated the regional economic headlines. In South Africa, data from StatisticsSA showed that overall economic activity was underwhelming in Q3-19 as real GDP (seasonally adjusted and annualised) declined by 0.6% q/q - its second q/q decline in 2019 (Q1-19: -3.1% and Q2-19: +3.2%). Notably, only four of the ten sectors that make up the GDP, grew on a quarterly basis. This was weighed by the constant load shedding, weak business confidence and policy uncertainty.


Elsewhere, Moody's cut its outlook on Nigeria's B2 rating, which is five steps into junk territory, from stable to negative amid mounting external and fiscal risks. Specifically, the global credit rating agency noted the country's vulnerability to capital flows reversal amid its growing reliance on short-term foreign portfolio investors to fund FX reserves.

 In all, we believe these outcomes will give both country's monetary and fiscal authorities a reason to worry. For South Africa, the broad-based nature of the economic moderation will be the biggest concern. Meanwhile, authorities in Nigeria will need to access the impact of the rating outlook downgrade, to its likely return to the international debt market in 2020.


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