Summary of the Decision of the SEC APC in the Matter of Rivers State MoF & 31 Others V. BGL Plc & 31


Tuesday, January 31, 2016/ 5.25 PM / SEC 

The Commission received 32 complaints between 2012 and 2015 against the 1st to 4threspondents over certain conducts in relation to operations of their Guaranteed Consolidated Notes (GCN) and Guaranteed Premium Notes (GPN).  

Investigations revealed that the 1st to the 4th respondents had through the 5th to 32nd breached some provisions of the Investment and Securities Act (ISA) 2007 as well as the SEC Rules and Regulations, which resulted to a loss of about N5,769,993,553.67 for 32 innocent investors. 

To ensure the innocent investors obtain justice; while also granting all parties fair hearing, the Commission invited all parties before its Administrative Proceedings Committee (APC).  Having properly issued hearing notices, the APC sat on December 8, 2016 to hear the matter. In the course of the hearing, testimonies and documentary evidence were tendered by various parties. 

Upon conclusion of the hearing, the SEC APC has reached a final decision which has been approved by the relevant authority. Consequently, the Committee has passed the following sanctions on the under-listed persons:

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