Disclaimer - Marcus T. Ogor


 Alert to all subscribers or users of Proshare services and the general public


This morning we received a text message on our phones from a MARCUS OGOR (marcustogor@yahoo.com) via +234 805 858 7599 on the subject “Debate on Goals for the freedom of Information Bill (FOI)”.


The text went on to state that the Guest speaker at the event was a Mrs. Maria Odey, Acting Director FRCN and requested for reciepents interested in sponsorship details to contact our member of staff, Alero Ogor info@proshareng.com


Ironically, we suspect that our e-mail address stated above might have been hijacked by those behind this and have instructed Charles Ugwu Jnr. of ContentOmni, the project managers of the new Proshare website to look into this.


This is one example of the malaise that confronts us as a people and the desperation from persons who have little value to add to the problems confronting our society but take advantage of our many challenges to enrich themselves.


We wish to categorically state that we do not know anything about this subject and do not normally delve into any discussion outside the Nigerian Capital Markets.
In the performance of our services, we never make an appeal for sponsorship and have funded our activities by offering value along the service chain that defines our mission. This is coming on the heels of attempts from certain quarters to stifle our operations and muzzle our voice. We must therefore request that the public be alert to such (and perhaps more dis-information) that could arise.


While we would be happy to see a more accessible information environment, we consider this approach by those involved to be unethical.


For the avoidance of doubt, we have no relationship whatsoever with the said MARCUS T. OGOR and have never had any discussion with any party on the subject.


We advice you to disregard this or any of such text messages that is sent by such unscrupulous persons.







Head of Legal

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