3 Must Know Digital Tips for Potential Whistleblowers


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While it seems that moral standards are declining in the digital age, new technology has also made whistleblowing far easier than it was in the past.  Whistleblowing is an essential means for employees to ensure organizations and corporations stay above board in their business and operational practices.  It allows employees to reveal their organization’s shady behavior, whether it be illegal or unethical.  

So if you spot wrongdoing in your company, what can you do about it?  You can find out with privacy giant ExpressVPN’s How to be a Whistleblower Guide.  However, with that being a 4-part series, we have decided to pull the most important digital tips for you! 


1.      Avoid Using Your Work Tools 

It may be convenient to use your work devices to help with your whistleblowing, but that is actually a major mistake.  Corporately owned tools such as computer, printers and may actually be logging your behavior.  This is also true if you are logging in or taking information via your office network.   This increases your risk of exposure, damaging your career opportunities among other possible dangers. 


2.     Use encrypted means of communications 

Simply avoiding corporately owned devices is not enough.  You may expose yourself even if you are using personal devices if they are not encrypted.  There is a myriad of tools that can help in this regard.  You can also consider the following tools:

       Encrypted messaging services like Signal or Telegram

       Discreet file sharing options such as SecureDrop or Jabber/XMPP with OTR encryption

       Anonymous browsing through privacy tools such as using ExpressVPN together with Tor 


3.     Remove your metadata whenever possible 

Living in the digital world leaves metadata is everywhere.  While some are impossible to remove, such as the length of an audio-file, others can be taken out with less difficulty although there can be risks involved.  For example, you can remove the email header which would also remove the digital signature of an email.  Yet, this may also put the authenticity of your email into doubt.  Yet, other files such as documents, PDFs, or photos can even include the identity and location of their source.  This is something you must consider removing.



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