How Much Money Should a Rookie Trader Invest?

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Thursday, April 08, 2021 / 09:30AM / Sponsored post by Globeex Marketing / Header Image Credit: Invest Way

As the world is heading towards a disaster with the crisis of the coronavirus, the profession of online trading is becoming more eminent. More people are entering this market with more capital to take a shot at making money in this industry. The brokers offer different bonuses but the amount to initiate a career in Forex is tricky. From $10 to a thousand, you can select the amount as he wishes. Although there are no guidelines on how to plan this deposit because the financial capability is different for individuals, we will explain the appropriate deposit to commence trading. If you are considering taking up this challenge, read this post because it will contain some important tips you can follow.

Many retail traders invest without knowing the consequences. Many are tempted by to open larger positions without knowing the benefit of leverage. After going through this article, we expect that readers will have a thorough understanding of the proper deposit they would need to have a successful career.


No Need to Invest more than 100 Dollars

Starting with a small capital is the safe way to learn currency trading. Anyone can know about the important details and start trading with $100. Investors should only deposit what they can afford to lose. By combining these aspects, people can easily make money even with just $100. The reason is operators allow to use leverage. To open a big position or trade like a professional, you do not need to have a substantial amount in the account. Based on the conditions of your selected broker, they will give a ratio that can be used in live performance. Remember, the loss will be equally bigger when you lose the trade. People get excited after knowing the offer but never think of the consequences.


Start with $100 and learn about the key features of the market. Once you become comfortable, you can start trading with an elite broker like Saxo. Visit and learn more about the professional trading environment. But remember, the high-end brokers require a larger deposit from the start.


Not Less Than 10 dollars

This is the minimum threshold for an investor. From $10 to $100, this is the limit to stay within. Exceeding this will bring disaster because you will lose control over the fund. Numerous examples can be found where people started with thousand dollars but due to poor decisions, lack of experience, and overconfidence, the balance comes down to zero. Having more balance does not increase the performance proportionately. Every person has an equal opportunity but with the right strategy, you can make a difference in the outcome. Stop thinking about the size of your investment and try to create a professional trading strategy.


From Where Should this Money Come?

We cannot discuss the sources because this depends on individuals. No matter what the context is, never take money from savings. This is a big mistake that can destroy the career. Trading is uncertain and the dangers involved can ruin the career. Sometimes elderly people break into their savings or pensions and invest in the hope of getting a good return. This essentially takes a lifetime to master, time they no longer have. Keep this profession separate from other tasks as it is unpredictable. What we recommend is that you invest money that you can afford to lose. 


If a person can only afford to lose $10 dollars, he should begin his journey with this balance. For those who do not know, it is possible to open a micro account with as little as $10. Instead of having pizzas for one month straight, save up a balance and invest in Forex. If you lose only $10 dollars is gone but winning can open new opportunities. In short, you should be learning the art of trading without risking a big sum of money. Once you become skilled, you can start trading with a big capital and make a decent profit.

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