Forex: $1.42m was spent on health related service btw Jan 2013 to May 2015

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Friday, January 18, 2016 05:35 PM / TheAnalyst

Health tourism is a modern form and means through which people travel around the globe. Lack of credible and quality healthcare and healthcare facilities have been the usual reasons why people, more importantly prominent people, seek medical assistance away in others countries.

Information has it that Most Nigerians seek medical helps in counties like United Kingdom, United States and India while health treatment in this developed world is combined with pleasure as recreation is also combined with medical check-ups or treatment if need be.

A critical look data on FX utilization in the health related and social service sub-sector revealed that US$1.42mln which amount to 0.002% of FX utilization was spent in the sector.

Further breakdown on FX utilization in the sector shows that Hospital services and other services have been the key beneficiary with 0.001% each representing US$449,131 and US$724,535 respectively.

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