With Innovation Nigeria can compete globally-Dr Ogbonnaya Onu

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Monday, August 28, 2017 6.00pm/Proshare WebTV 

Nigeria's Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu believes Nigeria will compete globally through innovation.  

The Minister asserted this at the official commissioning ceremony of the Nigerian stock exchange Data Centre.  

Valued at N500ml, the Minister described it as a world-class data centre, commending the Exchange for its good work in helping to facilitate the growth of the economy. 

Speaking on the role of Science & Technology in Nigeria's economy, he said "Our economy has been resource driven, dependent on commodities. We are working very hard to move into a knowledge based economy". 

According to him the Ministry of Science & Technology was focused on increasing the relationship between research institutes and industries.  

He said that the Ministry was encouraging and exploring research and development in Nigeria that is market-driven and can be commercialized. 

On the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan of the Federal Government, the Minister noted that "Science & Technology" was part of the bedrock of the Economic Recovery. 

Dr. Onu also highlighted key initiatives from the Science and Technology Ministry, geared towards transforming the Nigerian economy. 

The initiatives include “The Roadmap for Science, Technology and Innovation”, “The National Strategy for Promoting Competitiveness in Raw Materials and Products Development in Nigeria” and “The Policy Guidelines for the Planning and Execution of Programmes, Projects and Contracts with Science, Engineering and Technology Components”. 

The CEO of the Nigerian Stock Exchange Mr. Oscar Onyema in his remarks said the "NSE Data Centre" adopted the highest standards in development and data services.

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