Qualification Requirements to participate in Data Science Nigeria’s 2ND BOOTCAMP

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Thursday, July 20, 2017 11:00AM/Data Science 

The bootcamp space is going to be keenly competed for across the country, both in the academic community and in the industry practitioners' space. The quality of the output of the programme and the desire to upscale attendees' readiness to support the industry means that all the would-be participants must demonstrate a proven commitment to self-development and capacity building prior to the bootcamp. The bootcamp will involve a lot of do-it-yourself hackathon and thus a lot of base skills will be taken for granted.

To qualify for the bootcamp, all the participants must successfully pass 3 courses with competitively high grades in the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science. The courses are available on
www.edx.org. They include:

Select one of the two above

Recommended Private Study Time: Length: 4 weeks; Effort: 3-5 hours per week

Data Science Essentials
Recommended Private Study Time: Length: 4 weeks; Effort: 3-5 hours per week 

Principles of Machine Learning 

1.       Study the 3 Microsoft track courses with a view to understanding and applying to solve real world problems

2.  Attempt all the course examinations and upload or send your score sheet via www.datasciencenigeria.org or via kayode_ledipo@yahoo.com

Earlier submission and higher grades will be strong basis for preferential selection

The bootcamp's coordinators decision on selection will be final  

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