Open Banking Will Eventually Transit Into An Open X Phase

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Friday, August 09, 2019  03:13PM / By Capgemini, Efma/ Header Image Credit: Capgemini, Efma


With ecosystem partnerships being recognized and valued, open banking will eventually transition into an Open X phase in which standardized APIs, insights from customer data, and effective collaboration prevail. Open X drives data-use excellence that fosters a seamless exchange of resources, improved experience for customers, and expedited product innovation.

As the industry moves from unbundling to rebundling of services, open banking mastery may provide valuable short-term operational advantages. However, four fundamental shifts in the industry are altering the FS paradigm:


  1. A move away from products to an emphasis on customer experience
  2.  Less importance on assets and more on data
  3.  Shared access instead of ownership
  4.  Partnering in lieu of building or buying


This new paradigm sets the scene for Open X - and banks need to prepare strategically for the long game versus getting caught up with quick fixes or wins.


Application programming interfaces (APIs) are set to play a vital role in the Open X environment, and banks that lead API standardization initiatives and look for real monetization value with indirect models (such as referred business and actionable insights) will extract maximum value.

While some established banks and FinTech firms may not be convinced, Open X is likely to alter the financial services (FS) business spectrum. Moreover, within the new ecosystem banks will not necessarily own the overall customer experience. However, it will be essential that they seamlessly integrate their services as a part of each customer's overall journey and experience.

With FinTechs struggling to scale up operations and some banks fumbling when it comes to effective FinTech collaboration, structured collaboration offers a pragmatic path forward.


Banks and FinTechs will need to work cooperatively with other ecosystem players to surmount concerns and obstacles around open architecture adoption and implementation.

The open ecosystem of the future will feature emergent new roles that challenge traditional banking assumptions. Firms will be required to assume a role that aligns with their capabilities and external operating environment.

Ecosystem players will strategically decide to act primarily as a Supplier, Aggregator, or Orchestrator and will work to enhance the value in each of these roles by extensively leveraging data science, as well as venturing into non-financial products and services.

As the financial services industry heads to an Open X ecosystem, established banks may not be suited for the pivotal Orchestrator role. Today's incumbents will likely leverage their primary capabilities to add value as Suppliers and Aggregators.

While banks look to prepare for specialized roles, they will have to prioritize, enhance, and ensure the robustness of their internal integrated model. By leveraging data and technology, as well as the expertise available within the external ecosystem, traditional firms can modernize and optimize internal processes and systems to enable competitive delivery of relevant services.

Regulatory activities are driving open initiatives in select geographies and are on course to affect a more extensive geographical footprint in the coming years. Within this dynamic environment, it is imperative for FS players to accurately assess their capabilities and external conditions to develop an Open X strategy with maximum profit potential.

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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