Beginner-Friendly Investment Ideas for Tech Enthusiasts

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Thursday, May 23, 2019 11.00AM / Sponsored Post / Image & Content By ECN Forex broker

Before the Internet, when specialized information wasn’t widely available, you couldn’t become a professional investor without years and years of financial education or a job in the financial sector. Fast forward a few decades and now everyone with a smartphone and a keen eye for promising ventures can learn to become an investor.

In our parent’s age, the average successful investor was male, in his 50s or 60s, had a degree in finance and a well-paid in a large company. Now, a 25-year old can become a successful investor or trader. According to a recent BrokerNotes study, the common assumption that you have to live in a large city or have a high-paying job no longer applies. Thanks to the huge libraries of resources that are now available online, you can educate yourself and turn your hobby into a rewarding source of income. If you don’t have a background in finance, but you love tech and wonder how you can turn it into an investment, these ideas are an excellent place to start:


Smart Investments in Disruptive Technologies

Some technologies make the world a better place and improve the quality of our lives. Others do this and, at the same time, revolutionize entire industries from the ground up. In the past decade, there have been several such technologies and, if you want to support their disruptive potential, you can invest in them: 



When Satoshi Nakamoto described the Bitcoin concept back in 2008, Blockchain was only the platform that could make cryptocurrency happen. Now, Blockchain has surpassed its initial application and has become one of the most promising technologies, having a disruptive power that many compare to the Internet. Blockchain has created unprecedented opportunities for start-ups and, if you want to support one, there are many ICOs with huge ROI potential. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From education and healthcare to beauty and manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many fields by streamlining processes and reducing human error. Far from threatening human jobs, AI can create new opportunities so a start-up that uses AI can be a great place to start investing. However, make sure you choose your investments wisely. Many start-ups use AI as a buzzword, and you need to spot the ideas that actually have long-term investment potential. 


Internet of Things (IoT)

If you love technology, then you’ve probably heard about the potential of IoT. In 2017, global spending on IoT reached $1.1 trillion, which makes this one of the best investment opportunities out there. According to the latest research, there will be more than 2.2 billion IoT devices in the world by 2020, so, from a financial standpoint, investing in IoT can be a great long-term strategy.


Should you avoid investments in AR and VR?

Although Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) received quite a lot of hype initially, investment in the technology has plummeted in recent years because of the lukewarm customer interest in VR headsets. There are voices that say that these two technologies will become more relevant in several years, but if you’re a risk-averse beginner, you should wait for this market to mature before you invest.


Stocks and Forex trading

Many beginners underestimate just how few resources you need to trade stocks or Forex. You don’t need to install highly specialized software on your computer or get a finance degree, nor do you need to contact someone in the industry to show you the ropes. The Internet abounds in detailed guides on how you can start trading from A to Z:

  • Choosing a reliable, certified broker that meets your requirements. If you want to trade Forex, the main options include an ECN Forex Broker, CFD Forex Broker, Social Trading Broker, and Crypto Forex Broker. If you’re more interested in stocks, you can choose day trading, scalping, position trading, and swing trading.
  • Establish your goals
  • Learn how to buy or sell, explained in clear, easy to follow guides
  • Monitor and close your trade


The best part about this investment strategy is that you can trade from home, using nothing more than your laptop or smartphone. You can trade successfully without quitting your day job and, although this is more of a long-term investment option, trading can become a safety net for your financial future.


Becoming a P2P lender

Do you want to support an exciting tech venture that you really believe in, but you only have limited funds for the time being? A P2P lending platform can provide a considerable ROI without requiring extensive funds. The first P2P platform was launched in 2005 and ever since many governments are regulating P2P lending. Here’s how you can support a tech venture on a P2P lending platform:

  • Find a reliable local platform with low transaction fees
  • Create an account and deposit an amount of money to be dispersed in loans
  • Borrowers apply to take on a loan from you, based on the eligibility criteria you selected.
  • You bid on their listing with the amount and interest rates you can offer.
  • Earn income on the returns as the borrower pays you back.

Although P2P lending doesn’t offer the same high earnings as in the case of trading, the interest rates are usually higher compared to keeping your money in a savings account. Plus, this strategy is less volatile than the stock market. Because borrowers can reach out to you and tell you their story, P2P lending platforms have a sense of community and you can support a tech start-up that you truly believe in. 

No matter which of the options above you want to start with, remember to do your research in advance. Take advantage of demo accounts and experiment with several strategies until you find the one that works for you. Tech can be a great sector to invest in, but only if you learn to balance risks. 


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