BREAKING: Window for FXPMD has been Thrown Open to every Deposit Money Bank

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Saturday, June 18, 2016 02:12 PM / News 

The window for FXPMD has been thrown to every deposit money bank.  

Application by any intending DMB closed yesterday as per the resolution reached at the meeting of Bank CEOs/Treasurer with the COG yesterday in Lagos. 

With this development, market leadership will be driven by who is able to deliver the best on the following:

      Buying of Fx;

      Selling of Fx;

      Hedging of Fx; and

      Trade Finance Execution from beginning to the end. 

This will not however change the trajectory of changes in paradigm and appreciation of the new normal that will emerge that will change market leadership, management focus/composition and engender possible mergers & acquisitions in the market.


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