Business Process Management Software for Religious Entities


Tuesday, February 23, 2016 1.47PM / Public Interest Info

Given the spread, numbers and network of religious organisations in Nigeria, it was a matter of time that the deployment of web based technology will become applicable to religious body accounting and management.

It is now trite that process management software help such charity status type organisations like churches and mosques to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach. These processes can impact the cost and revenue generation of such organizations.

There are quite a few of such, especially for churches who have continued to improve and upgrade their Church Management Software (ChMS), moving towards a Church Enterprise Resource Planning (CerP) web application to address accounting and overall church management issues.

A Nigerian firm, O2’S Development Services is staking a claim in this new area and offering its CerP product with a demo.

This product is designed to assist religious bodies in automating many of the routine administrative and financial processes into a suit of functional pieces of web applications called CERP (Church Enterprise Resource Planning), at a reduced cost.

This functional pieces are in modules and delivered based on requirements i.e from Recruitment, Accounting & Budgeting, Asset Management, Payroll, Membership, Evangelism, Ministry & Groups, Projects, Events and Calendar, Communication, child check-in etc.

Ultimately this should enhance the management and organization of churches through the collection and interpretation of data at different levels and at different times online real-time.

For further details, contact O2’S Development Services vide for more information.

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