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My Internship Experience at Proshare - 9th Grader at Corona


Friday, August 12, 2016 5:00pm /Oluwalaonoayo Ashiru*

I had been informed by my mother that I had to do an internship at anywhere of my choice for a week or two for a work experience. Subsequent to that, I had to decide where I would do the internship. After much colloquy and had still not come to a decision my dad suggested Proshare Nigeria Limited. I thought about it and discussed it with my mum, and she agreed that it is a good place for me to gain an insight into the working life.

We sent an application and I was granted permission to do my internship. On Friday August 5, 2016, I went to get the details of my temporary job. I met Mrs. Grace Jare-Ajuwon, the Head of the Business and Market department, who I would be working and spending majority of my time with. She informed me that I would start work on Monday, August 8, 2016 from 8am to 6pm daily.

Description: C:\Users\Laonoayo\Pictures\IMG_4069.JPGI arrived for work on Monday early and went to Mrs Grace’s office. They had a Management meeting and when they were done I was given a tour of the establishment, thus giving me a glimpse of what a day of work looks like. I went back to Mrs Grace’s office and she explained the foundation, functions and importance of Proshare as a company; recording minutes after a meeting, the financial markets, securities, exchanges, regulators, the significance of taking notes, prioritising and letter writing. That summed up Day 1.

The next day, Tuesday, August 9, 2016, I was getting acquainted with the work environment and got to know the five main departments of Proshare namely the Business and Market, IT, Research, Admin and WebTV. I also got to cognize the purpose of Proshare being a Media and Analysis Firm and Nigeria’s Number #1 Economic and Financial Information Hub and its organisational structure. Additionally, I discovered some of the tasks of the Business and Market department being relationship management, brand management, digital marketing, product development and writing proposals. Likewise, I was told I would be spending three hours each day in a department and thus I found myself in the Research department and met Taiwo, Jaya and Saheed. In the Research department i learnt a lot about stocks, shares, the stock market and Description: C:\Users\Laonoayo\Pictures\IMG_4082.JPGinvestments. 

On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, I was scheduled to spend the morning with the WebTV department but as they had a press conference I had to push my time back to the afternoon. Spending the early hours of the day with Mrs Grace, I gathered more information about Proshare and business. There are eight service suites in the Proshare Ecosystem - Business, Markets, Economy, Finance (which is further divided into eight sub sectors - Savings and Thrift, Health and Lifestyle, Investment and Securities, Mortgage and Property, Travels and Tours, Taxation and Benefits, Retirements and Pensions, and Insurance and Renditions), Regulators, Start-Ups, Technology and WebTV.  I learnt about the CEO, Mr. Olufemi Awoyemi; the COO, Mrs. Reshu Bagga; the pay-off line of Proshare – “intelligent investing” and its promise to deliver service that is credible, reliable and timely.

On business, I learnt about business models, professionalism, the importance of news gathering, M4 (Making, Managing and Multiplying your Money) and monetising your certificate. After that WebTV team had arrived so I went to meet them.

I met Otto and Prosper who showed me how they do voice-overs and how they edit them into videos. I got to try doing a voice-over and it was fun. I got to know that they do online videos, programming, event coverage, press conferences, exclusive interviews, news stories, short documentaries then put them on CDs/DVDs, their website ( and their social media platforms. I also learnt that it is okay to repeat the editing several times before you get it correctly because they edit and cut it out to get a perfect take. For the videos, I was told they use a script for their voice-overs, an intro and outro to pass a message to viewers from said video. They also do a market round up every day.

On Thursday, August 11, 2016, Mrs Grace had some meetings outside the office so I went with her as part of the experience. We went all around town visiting companies, agencies and banks. We spent almost a whole day out seeing the companies, checking with clients and promoting Proshare Nigeria Limited.

On Friday, August 12, 2016, I met with the IT department which consisted of Isaac, Muhammed and Seun. I gathered a lot of information about graphic designing, programming and their function in Proshare. They defined Proshare to me as a platform with a collection of financial information enhanced through technology and delivered on real time basis.

In all, I had a wonderful experience at Proshare Nigeria Limited. I learnt not only academic skills; but behavioural, communication, negotiation, diplomatic, marketing and numerous other soft skills. It also provided an insight into what adults go through to provide for their family and cater to their personal needs; which prior to this experience, I never really acknowledged or appreciated.

I would like to conclude by saying a big thank you to all the Staff and Management of Proshare Nigeria Limited. You have all made a huge impact in my life that has changed me for the better and will hopefully change the lives of many more people.

Coming to Proshare was an opportunity given to me that I am glad I took. Once I was able to look past the early waking up and the getting back late and the work, it was quite enjoyable. I believe that more young people should be interested in this; if not for the work experience, as an avenue for one’s development. The information gathered might not be useful at this point, but some time later might, can, should and would give an advantage over others.

Basically, every opportunity that is sent our way should be grabbed quickly, as we don’t know what good things might come out of it, and if you aren’t fast enough in taking it, someone else might grab the opportunity meant for you and turn it into something  great.

Finally, like Matthew E. Fryer, once said, “Take advantage of chances, for opportunities do not come at will. What is here now, may not have appeared yesterday, and may disappear tomorrow.”

*Oluwalaonoayo Ashiru, is a Year 9 student of Corona Secondary School, Agbara, Lagos where she was the best overall student in her grade (clearing top 10 out of 16 subjects).

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