N200,000 Prize Award for a 16year Math Puzzle Solution


Monday, October 23, 2017 10:00AM / Zedcrest Capital 

Have you ever encountered a question that gave you sleepless nights while you were a student?

This was my personal experience while in Senior Secondary School at the Federal Government College, Ikirun. I represented my school at a Math Competition. I was dejected when I could only solve 3 out of 8 questions. My teacher told me not to worry, that the winner the previous year only got 4 right. Anyways, I ended up not winning.

However, one question haunted me since then, but now I know there is a solution as one sharp guy in my team, Nnamdi finally solved the question and won my N250,000 bet. Ouch!

But Nnamdi doesn't want all the cash, he has decided to reward the first three of our dedicated audiences who can successfully get the solution to the question
(within a week of this publication) with a sum of N100,000, N60,000, and N40,000 respectively. 

Find the question below:


X + Y + Z = 4;

X2 + Y2 + Z2 = 6; and 

X3 + Y3 + Z3 = 10

Find X, Y and Z

Send a clear screenshot of your solutions in JPEG format with your Full Name and Mobile Number to
research@zedcrestcapital.com and conclude the other eligibility requirements HERE

Good luck! 

Adedayo Amzat, CFA

MD/CEO Zedcrest Capital Group
Appeared first on Zedcrest’s Blog 

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