10 Most Useful Websites and Apps for College Students


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The internet has made college years easier. You have books at your fingertips, real-time tutors, and many other resources to make your academic journey easier. You also have approved websites that can help with homework whenever you are stuck or would like to concentrate on other personal projects.


Websites with resources for college students specialize in multiple areas. Some gather tools for academic writing while others offer tips for extracurricular activities while in college. Here are the top 10 website and apps for college students.


1.       Quizlet

Flashcards and games make college concepts easier to understand. Since it would take time to prepare these resources, Quizlet has simplified it for every student. The website offers games, flashcards, summaries, videos, and animations, among other resources for college students.


Quizlet resources are prepared by professionals and to the highest standards imaginable. The sound and graphics on the materials will make it easier to use these resources. The resources are free, easy to search, use, and allow you to create a personal library. They will make your learning and revision easier as well as memorable. 



2.      Grammarly

Grammarly is a widget available for download and use online or as an add-on. When incorporated into your word-processing software, Grammarly will correct your typos, choice of words, and passive voice. It feels like writing your essay with a real-time editor by your side. You can also use the app to check for plagiarism. By the time you complete the paper, it will be pristine and captivating to read.


3.      Wikihow

College requires you to know more than academics. Whether it is how to cook, repair your phone, install an app, settings on your gadget, and such other tasks, you can only accomplish them by paying a third party. Wikihow has simplified almost everything you do daily into steps that are easy to follow. It has detailed articles and videos on how to perform everyday tasks. Every hack you need is a click away.


4.         Wolfram Alpha

Calculations are a nightmare for many students. Wolfram Alpha recognizes this challenge and has provided an answer. It works like a giant search engine for all calculations. If you are having trouble with science, engineering, nutrition, or math calculations, this is the place to go. It is free and offers accurate solutions to all imaginable calculations.


5.              Koofers

Old exams help you to have an idea of what to expect in the forthcoming tests. Koofers has gathered past papers from different schools and professors to make it easier for you to revise for exams. It also comes with course revisions as well as grade distribution and other resources to help you ace college tests.


6.             Efollett

What books do you need for your college years? You do not have to buy all of them. Efollett is a platform that allows you to access high quality materials by buying second hand or renting. You will complete your college years without spending a fortune whilst accessing the best quality learning materials.


7.              Habitica

A habit is a crucial ingredient for success anywhere. In fact, the best students in college and graduates after school are encouraged to form rewarding habits. Habitica is an app that helps you to organize your life and form good habits for college and life. You set goals through the app and create milestones that will make it easier to achieve these goals. The app will track progress and give you ideas of places where you can improve. You can also reward your productivity through the app.




8.              StudyBlue

StudyBlue is an academic resource and organizational tool. The app features numerous pre-prepared resources in the form of flashcards and summaries. The notes and resources are organized based on topics and learning grades. Such categories make it easier to retrieve the materials whenever you need them for your studies. You can also share your study materials with students from all over the world, helping them to review your learning and revision strategies.


9.      Wikipedia

Wikipedia is not yet a recognized academic resource, but it plays a significant role in your revision. There is hardly any information you can miss on Wikipedia. The platform is detailed enough to give you a hint of the topics or ideas you wish to explore in your essay. While it is at the bottom of the credible academic resources, it provides the best start whenever you have a topic to explore in your essays.


10.          Google Drive

It is the world's easiest cloud storage tool. Google Drive is free and allows you to store books, articles, and other resources downloaded from the internet or uploaded from other sources. You can access these resources anytime, from anywhere, and using any device. Google Drive provides a seamless workstation for your academic papers while avoiding dragging all your gadgets around. With a search option, the resources are easy to retrieve.


The most useful apps and websites for students are free. However, you might have to pay for advanced features. Use these tools to make your college years easier and more convenient.


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