Three Skills to Cultivate to attain Financial Independence


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One of the major roadblocks to financial success is to depend on a source of income that can barely sustain you. When you have limited amounts of income there are only two things you can do. The first thing is to reduce your expenses, while the second thing is to earn more income. Reducing your expenses will not make you rich as there is only a small room for what you can reduce. Thus, the main purpose of reducing expenses is to prepare the way for new income to come in. If your expenses are not well-adjusted before you bring in new income, additional sources of income will only serve your living standard and not your need for Financial Independence or Freedom. Thus, the main reason for reducing expenses is to maintain a living standard that makes additional income beneficial for your independence. The second thing you must do when you have limited amounts of income is to make more money. Making more money is the fastest way to becoming rich as there is no limit to how much money you can make.


How then can you make more money?

To make more money there are two options to explore. The first option is to increase your Passive income and the second option is to increase your active income. Everyone at first glance wants to increase their passive income but not everyone has the required number of seed to produce solid passive income. Increasing your passive income requires active income.  No one makes passive income from thin air. A solid passive income requires the investment of a solid active income in the right investment vehicle. This means that if your active income is weak your passive income will also be weak, and if you invest this income in the wrong investment vehicle you will lose your savings.


While you can produce passive income from your limited savings. It is a mistake to depend on it for your financial independence.


How can you achieve Financial Independence?

To achieve financial independence with speed you must first convert your active income from weak to strong and invest these incomes in the right investment vehicles. You must also create Lifetime passive income that does not require ongoing work.  To create a strong active income, you need to increase your sources of income from one to many.


So, after you choose a source of side income how do you make money from it?

To make money from any side income you need to develop what I call Rich skills. Rich skills are the only skills that can make you rich. Although there are many other skills that can earn you income, only the rich skills have the capacity to make you rich with speed. They have this capacity because they solve high value, high risk, difficult to solve problems that command high income.


These Skill which I also call Freedom Skills are

1.      Problem-solving skills also called creativity or innovation skill.

2.     Relationship building skills also known as Networking skills.

3.     Marketing skills also sometimes referred to as sales skills.


These three skills are important especially if you want to be rich within a reasonable time frame. They can make you rich as an employee and they can also make you rich as a business owner. The beautiful thing about these skills is that they align with the way money is made. Money is made when you solve a problem (Innovation & Creativity skills) for other people (Relationship skills) in exchange for an agreed reward (Marketing skills). These skills are your fastest flight ticket to financial freedom.


How to Develop the Freedom Skills

To develop the freedom skills, you need three things.

1.      A knowledge system. To learn any new skills, you need new knowledge.

2.     An opportunity system. Knowledge without the opportunity to apply knowledge is not power. The average person in Nigeria is a graduate with so much knowledge but little Money. To make knowledge financially beneficial you must convert it to understanding. And the only way to do this is to apply knowledge through deliberate action. The opportunity system is thus a system that provides you the platform to act, apply knowledge, and practice your rich skills.

3.     The money-making system. The reason why you developed a skill is to make more money. Making money involves leveraging a money-making system. Without a platform that gives you the opportunity to make more money you cannot become rich.

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The lack of money is not the lack of money but the lack of rich skills.



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