How Coworkings Can Boost Your Productivity


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Are you a freelance writer, translator or SEO manager? Working from home has a lot of benefits but sometimes it can make you feel lazy and switch to doing other things, for example, going to the kitchen every hour and looking for something tasty. A co-working can be a much better place for you since it will boost your productivity and won't allow you to relax unlike at home. Lately, co-workings have become very popular since they are affordable and allow people to feel social while working on their laptops.


So, in this article, we would like to tell you more about co-workings and tell you how they can boost your productivity. We came across many people who used to complain about their jobs. Once changed their flats and houses to co-workings, they enjoyed their work again, met like-minded people and gained new skills and knowledge that improved their work.


We have discovered three ways of how using coworkings can boost your productivity and make you enjoy doing the same work again.

1.     Work/Life Balance

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of the article, working from home has its benefits. For example, you don't have to waste time and money on transport, you can wake up and start working immediately without wasting time on shower, breakfast, taking bus or train, etc. Even if you missed your alarm, you can open your laptop straight after waking up. You can also save money on food since your kitchen is right next to you. You can also have a nap, walk your dog or watch your favorite TV show even if it's in the middle of the day while everyone is in the office and don't have such an opportunity.


However, working from home can make you feel lonely and lazy. Sitting in front of your laptop for the whole day and not moving will soon lead to you gaining weight, feeling anti-social and lazy. Choosing to work in a co-working space will motivate you to look good, move around the city, meet people and feel productive. So, if you are still working at home just try to spend a day or at least 4 hours in a co-working space. We bet you will feel more motivated to work and better about yourself.


2.    Networking Power

Meeting people in co-workings can be very useful for you. You have a high chance to meet people with different skills who you can cooperate with or learn from. This would never happen if you work from home. So, it's time to meet people who also work remotely for EssayShark, do a similar job so you can exchange experiences or learn new things. If you are a writer, you can meet editors and translators to cooperate with. Co-workings are perfect places for people like you, who don't want to work in big companies. It's like you are on your own but surrounded by people, so you can meet them, chat with them, share ideas, and learn from them.


While spending working hours in a co-working space, your productivity will certainly boost. Being around busy people who are typing, making notes, and talking on phones will push you to work. Get motivated by the energy of other people.

3.    Proper Environment

Your working place setup plays a big role in your productivity. If you got used to working in bed, then you probably don't do much work. Co-workings provide office-like rooms with proper furniture, like good tables and chairs for the correct back position. The way you sit and feel has a big impact on your productivity. So, if you can't manage to complete big tasks at home maybe it's because you sit on a sofa or lie on your stomach in front of your laptop. Most people don't notice how distractive can be a pain in the legs or back.


Instead of setting up a working place at home, try using a co-working space for at least a week. You will enjoy it because it's really comfortable there, you can even pay for a certain place that will be just yours. You will also notice how much more work you manage to complete every week. As a result, you will become happier and stop complaining about your boring job. Maybe your job is not that boring, it's just too boring to spend most of your time in the same flat or house where you sleep, eat and watch TV.


Once you start spending your working time in co-working, you should remember these rules:

  • Don't be shy to meet people. As we have already mentioned in the article, meeting people in co-workings can be very useful. Don't be shy to meet people. Introduce yourself, ask if you don't distract them and get interested in what kind of work they do. Usually, at co-workings they provide tea /coffee and cookies that you can take yourself, so meeting new friends or partners during a coffee break can be a cool idea.

  • Keep your working place tidy. Even though you pay for your working space in co-working you should keep it tidy to create a good impression and attract people. Don't make a mess with mounts of papers, boxes of food and cups. Respect other people who want to work in a nice and inviting place.



A place where you work plays a big role in your productivity. Co-workings were created for people who don't wont to work in offices but have an open schedule. Get motivated by the atmosphere that is created by other people. Meet interesting people who can teach you and who you can share your experience with. The statistic shows that most people (about 65%) who use co-workings meet deadlines comparing with those who work from home. As a result, you are going to increase your income, be more satisfied with your work, meet new friends and enjoy spending time at home.


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