PCL Hosts Roundtable on Digital Transformation And Raising Intelligent Today’s Workforce


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Stakeholders at the 2019 Digital Learning Roundtable Breakfast Series, organized by Phillips Consulting pushed for the adoption of Digital Transformation in Organizations in Nigeria. 

This is considering the developments around the Fourth Industrial revolution which is driven by digital technology. 

Looking at the theme “Digital Transformation: Raising The Intelligence of Today’s Workforce” Mr Rob Taiwo the Managing Director of Phillips Consulting informed clients and stakeholders that by 2025, machines will be doing more work than humans, which will cost about 75million jobs. 

He also stated that 70% of business leaders realize that they do not have the requisite skills to lead digital transformation in organizations, which is something that has to be looked at urgently in Nigeria. 

Mr Taiwo said the forum was an opportunity to explore the developments in digital revolution, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine learning and how Nigeria can position itself for the era. 

The PCL MD noted that the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are  leading to job losses across the globe, which means organizations and corporations must give priority to Digital learning and Digital Transformation. 

Mr Paul Ayim Senior Partner, pcl speaking on digital learning trends highlighted the fact that organizations of the future are becoming more talent-centric  and AI-powered. 

He was of the view that the jobs market is now the skills market and the whole concept of digital learning is now weaved into work lifestyle.

Ayim said that in 2019 Organizations are giving attention to embedded learning for employees, which is a top trend.

Other trends he identified include;

  • On-Demand Learning
  • Consumer grade user experiences
  • Gamification and Game based learning
  • Virtual Augmented/Mixed Reality
  • Tailored learning
  • Market learning
  • Search Intuitive Micro-learning

He stressed that continuous learning is critical for today’s organization, and called on top-management in companies to prepare their team ahead to adapt to advanced tech. 

Keynote speaker Olufunke Amobi, Country Head, Stanbic IBTC Capital described Digital Intelligence as critical to the business imperatives of organizations in 21st Century. 

She said organizations have to radically transform through digital revolution, to stay relevant in the global space.

“To have competitive advantage organizations must have speed, scale, convenience and develop unique customer experience, utilizing digital transformation” Amobi said. 

Amobi informed stakeholders that Stanbic IBTC has learnt the digital intelligence and transformation process from Development Bank of Singapore. 

She described the DBS as a modern digital led bank that has adopted  far-reaching digitization processes.

From the partnership with DBS, Stanbic IBTC according to her has developed a digital learning environment with labs, data centre, booth camps and the establishment of an ideas team that generates innovative solutions that can be monetized. 

She identified five (5) key elements to drive change in organizations through digital transformation which are;

  • Organizing for Success
  • Designing for Modern systems
  • Automating everything
  • Developing high performing agile teams and
  • Making a deliberate attempt at gaining a technical understanding of what digital entails

In his presentation Mr Shane Kirman the Channels Director, Skillsoft  opined that everyone needs to understand their role in the digital transformation space of organizations. 

He also asserted that creating higher performing organizations, translates to creating higher profits. Kirman also believed that digital capability is considered a strategic asset. 

Mr Sola Oyegbade Head, FCMB Academy gave an overview of the 10 year experience as clients of PCL. He listed the benefits of the digital learning experience from PCL to include; reduced learning time, increased productivity, higher retention of staff, reduced cost, performance tracking and flexibility in training. 

The roundtable featured a panel session that discussed “Raising The Intelligence of Today’s Workforce” and also witnessed the presentation of awards to deserving clients, who are adopting the digital transformation process. 

The PCL clients that bagged the awards include; United Bank for Africa, Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, FCMB and United Capital.


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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.

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