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A computer consists of two parts notably the hardware and the software that work together in accomplishing several duties by the computer. The software is generally the programs that are fed to the computer memory to help it accomplish desired tasks. 

The hardware on the other hand consists of equipment connected directly to the commuter to help in execution of duties and include devices such as the mouse, keyboard, monitor and printer among others. 

These components require knowledge to help in making them operate efficiently or diagnosis of issues arising from it. For this reason, we have the CompTIA 220-901 exam that test the proficiency in the knowledge and configuration of this hardware components of a computer.


About CompTIA 220-901 Exam

The CompTIA 220-901 is an exam that has been designed to test your proficiency and knowledge in the computer hardware components and also the computer’s network aspect in relation to connectivity. 

The major tested aspects are in the candidate’s skills in configuration and installation of the basic computer hardware components in the mouse, keyboard printers and also his or her knowledge in mobile phone basic hardware. This exam will enable the churning out of information technology graduates that will be able to troubleshoot and diagnose problems that occasionally arise from these hardware components. 

Not spared in this exam is also motherboard functionality and parts knowledge, connection interfaces and also removable storage devices and ho to optimize their functionality. 

Knowledge in the basic network types, their functionality in their various niche and also how to configure and troubleshoot them will also be covered in the exam. 

Successful graduates who have sat for this exam have a high ranking among information technology professions and will be a step forward towards attaining the A+ certification. The professional will have a vast knowledge in computer hardware and networking basics a pathway to many more information technology certifications. 


How to Qualify for CompTIA 220-901 Exam

To qualify for candidacy for the CompTIA A+ 220-901 Certificaiton Exam Questions a potential candidate should meet some requirements deemed fit by the concerned body? Among the requirements needed are:

  • Have some basic knowledge in the operation of the computer in addition to its various components.
  • Cleared the fee arrears for the course with no balance whatsoever.
  • In case the candidate is a minor, a signed form by his or her parents or guardians will be required stating their consent to allow him or her sit for the exam.
  • A potential candidate should have attended the tutorial classes to the satisfaction of the concerned tutor.
  • Agreed in writing or other forms to abide by the rules and regulations of his or her respective exam center.


Examination Centers and Rules

This exam is conducted in examination centers located in many regions worldwide. The exam process is undertaken by Pearson, their partner. To sit for the exams, you will need to have an exam voucher that you will get from the Pearson’s website. There are also special centers for the military personnel who are always on the move. 

The examination is governed by well-laid rules and regulation that strive to ensure that the exam process is smooth with no irregularities. This is to promote the integrity of the exam, the exam body, the examiners and the candidates.


Among the rules which govern this examination centers are:

  • No possession of materials that have been banned from the exam center, these materials include reading materials, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets.
  • Copying from your neighbor or any form of communication will lead to cancellation of the exams of the parties involved.
  • Respect to the examination staff and fellow candidates will be highly appreciated.
  • No paper or any other stationery from the exam board including the exam papers and the answer sheets.

These are the examination rules and regulations that a candidate is supposed to follow to the latter to avoid any irregularities that may compromise the integrity of the examination process.


Core Skills Tested

The CompTIA 220-901 is designed to test a variety of skills in the knowledge and proficient of a vast range of hardware and how to repair or troubleshoot them. Among the core skills tested in this exam are:

  • Identify and characterize various personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices’ hardware components as well as their uses in relation to computer functionality.
  • Differentiate between output hardware devices and input hardware output devices.
  • Troubleshooting of peripheral devices, wired and wireless networks and links and print devices
  • Configuration and installation of peripheral devices, network links, and print devices.
  • Troubleshooting of mobile devices and diagnosis of their various issues.
  • Storage devices and their optimization.

The exam contains a maximum of 90 question in the multiple choice format, taking 90 minutes to complete. The exam is tested in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Japanese. To pass the exam a candidate needs a score of 675 on a scale of 900. All the skills that have been taught are tested to ensure that top-notch professionals are churned out at the end of the course study.


Study and Revision Resources CompTIA 220-901 Exam

The CompTIA exam has a lot of study material that are professionally designed for the candidate to get the proper knowledge and skills in matters dealing in computer hardware. The lessons are taken in face to face interaction between the students and the qualified tutors who will provide help and consultation in matters that are not clear to the student. Also the tutors will guide the students through in the essential practical classes. 

Downloadable study guides and videos are also available and can be used by the students for future studying and reference prospects. E-books are also available in their website and cover all relevant topics in preparation for this exam. You can also get relevant study material online from verified IT libraries.


Final Observation

The CompTIA 220-901 exam is carefully designed by professions in the information technology industry to ensure it tests core skills taught throughout the course. The knowledge acquired in the taking this course of study will help in the gaining of utmost knowledge in all computer hardware and networking. This will put the graduate from this course of study and exam in a better position in the information technology field to be able to diagnose problems with the hardware and also put up measures to sort them out.


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