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Every field and every company generate a large volume of data, and it is very important to make sure that you are protecting the data from any kind of problems or hacking. This shows the importance of the security field in the IT industry, and so is the demand for professionals who can protect the data. One of the certification courses that are very much in demand these days is CompTIA Security+ certification. This is a vendor-neutral certification.


One of the best parts of the CompTIA Security+ credential is that it's globally accepted and this fact explains the reason why it's in high demand. From a great salary to the highly accepted certificate, there are some benefits of being CompTIA Security+ certified. We'll discuss these advantages below. Still, you should note, that to get this credential an individual needs to pass the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam first


So, here is the list of advantages of having a CompTIA Security+ certification:


More Job Opportunity:

For a job in IT systems security department, you need to have a CompTIA Security certificate. Even an automated resume scanner will not move your resume forward for a real man to check it. It will just reject the resume right away. Heard that a certification opens a wide variety of job opportunities? And that's true. With Security+ credential you can opt for such positions as Systems or Network Administrator, Security Specialist, Security Engineer and many more. Many private and public companies are looking for people with the proved skills in security, as having a certification in your hands means that you are able to complete the daily tasks in a short span of time and following the quality criteria. In fact, employers are looking for professionals in the job and who can be a better choice than an IT specialist with a certification .



Always in Demand:

Whether it is a public company or a private company, security of the networks and data is the top priority and the specialists that can provide the security will also be in demand. Thus, if you are a person with CompTIA Security+ certificate, you automatically become a valuable person in the company, since your skills have been validated by the globally recognized company. Security+ credential can help in handling the security and the administrative tasks successfully.



It is the Standard:

If you are looking for the best and most standard security certification programs, then you will definitely find CompTIA Security+ in the list. In fact, it is one of the certifications that is accepted by many organizations and hence this is like a standard. In simple words, it is the same as having a skill or qualification with which you can easily grab a job in the IT industries.



No Experience or Prerequisites:

Most of the students give up on certain certification programs, and it is not because they are tough to obtain it is due to the experience that is required or the prerequisites for the particular certification programs. But this is not the case with the Security+ certification from CompTIA. Yes, you don't need prerequisites for it. But if you are having an experience of one or two years in security and Network+ credential, it's an advantage, as that is going to increase the chances for you to get hired faster.



Updated knowledge on Current Security:

You cannot just stick to the knowledge that you obtained in your college or post-graduation days. Technology keeps changing, and so are the techniques to hack them. So, when there are many changes, then it is essential to get skills to protect the data as well. Having a latest and most popular certification like CompTIA Security+ will always keep you updated with the most recent topics and techniques for data and network security. This is how you will be able to move forward in your field, even when there are so many hurdles to cross.



Increase your Value and Get a Higher Pay:

To stand out in this very competitive world, you need to keep yourself updated, learn something that is highly in demand, and that is what CompTIA Security+ for. This is going to increase your value in the market, and you can stay ahead of the competition. Being a certified professional, you'll boost your career and get a higher salary as well. According to, the average annual salary of Security Engineer is $88,684. What all employers and certified professionals know is that there's always a place for self-development and for updating your skills from time to time. As it was mentioned before, in the constantly developing security field, this fact is of great importance.



Valid anywhere in America:

Among the advantages of having Security+ certification is that it's is valid anywhere in America, and almost all companies accept it. So, you will be able to get a job there easily. Even the U. S. Department of Defense has accepted Security+ credential. Moreover, it is considered to be the mandatory certification for the cybersecurity as well. Apart from just America, there are many other countries where this certification is recognized, that's why having obtained it, you will be able to work in any part of the globe.



Vendor Neutral:

Another best part about the CompTIA Security+ certification is that it is vendor-neutral. That means it does not focus on the requirements of one particular vendor, but you can perform the latest techniques and best practices for risk management and mitigation in any company you work in. Thus, you've become a more valued professional, as you are trained in various aspects of the cybersecurity.



Things to Note:

CompTIA Security+ certification expires in three years from the date of award, so to keep your skills updated, you need to track the latest news on CompTIA website and renew your credential before the expiry date. These will help you move forward in your career.



Want to Pass SY0-501 Exam on First Try?

Knowing the advantages of being CompTIA Security+ certified, you are curious about how to pass the exam on the first try. Searching the internet, you'll find a number of web resources, which guarantee 100% of pass with their material. Still, among the most trusted ones, I can mention ExamSnap. Exam-Labs, PrepAway, and ExamCollection. Such online platform as ExamSnap has already gained its popularity among candidates, as it offers a wide range of prep materials of high quality for certification exams. The exam dumps you'll find on this platform are free to download and the most updated ones, as they have been created by the real exam takers. If you need to get the verified files, they are also at your disposal on ExamSnap website. Along with exam dumps, ExamSnap offers you to take a training course led by a qualified instructor. Such method will make your preparation more efficient and increase your chances of passing the SY0-501 exam at the first attempt.




To sum up, CompTIA Security+ is one of the most demanding IT security certification that provides you with a number of benefits. If you are planning to build a career in security, CompTIA Security+ credential is the best option to start with as it doesn't require prerequisites and is vendor-neutral.


Use the most valid and updated material for your preparation process, for example, from ExamSnap website and get the credential you are dreaming of.

Being a Security+ certified professional, you've become a valuable employee in any company or organization and will be able to find a job in any part of the globe.


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