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When it comes to size and cost, eBooks are a great method to read literature without carrying hardcopies around. The fact that they can be stored on a range of devices - tablets, phones, laptops and more - makes them even more convenient. Before taking advantage of the many advantages of eBooks, the first step is finding them. 

There are a variety of torrent sites that offer the option to download eBooks. Conveniently, many of them usually have different file formats of the same book, such as pdf and epub. For a way to download these eBooks from torrent sites, utorrent free download for windows 8 is a great option. 

Let's take a look at five torrent sites from which eBooks can be downloaded.




FreeBookSpot is a site that is completely dedicated to providing eBooks. It has more than 90 categories, making it an easy site to navigate. The site offers the chance to register, ensuring that a user can track the eBooks they have downloaded as well as those on their wishlist. FreeBookSpot limits the number of eBooks a user can download without registering for an account. Registering is highly recommended. 

The registration procedure is free and users are able to start downloading eBooks immediately after registering to the site. The site also offers an option for users to see what books are categories are most popular at a given time. At the time of writing this article, some of the most popular categories are science, programming and engineering.




This is one of the most well-known sites for downloading eBooks. It offers a wide selection of recently released books. Extratorrent provides ETTV and ETRG release groups. It has been around for over a decade and has a large library of books that are available for download. 

Isohunt has books that span a range of categories. These include serious academic books, children's books and magazine editions. While the fiction and nonfiction sections of Isohunt are frequently updated, the magazines sections receives constant weekly updates. Latest issues of popular magazines are usually available. 

Isohunt's magazine focus extends to very early issues of publications. For some magazines, it is possible to find issues from as long back as 20 years ago.



The design and user of interface of Wikibooks.org borrows heavily from the design of Wikipedia. Wikibooks has thousands of books that come in a variety of genres, authors and languages. An advantage wikibooks has over many sites is the ease with which it can be navigated. It also has an intuitive search function that makes it quick and simple to search for books. 

Wikibooks tends to get frequent updates. However, some of the latest books are not available on the site. The main advantage wikibooks has over other torrent sites for eBooks is that it has a large collection of classics and academic books. In addition, academic journals can be found on Wikibooks, which isn't always the case with torrent sites.



The website e-library.net is one of the most popular torrent sites for downloading books. It has nearly 9000 books spanning 91 categories. There are many recent and high-quality books that can be found on eLibrary. Additionally, the site is always receiving constant updates, ensuring that the number of books available to download is always increasing. 

While most of the books available on eLibrary are free, there are a few that require purchasing the premium membership for access to be granted.


Library Genesis

Also known as Labgen, Library Genesis is a site that claims to have more than 2 million books from nearly 50,000 publications. LabGen offers free access to all the books. LabGen offers users the option to download books through both torrent links and mirror links. 

Library Genesis is known to be updated regularly, ensuring that it always has the latest and most recent books. College and university students will find this site particularly useful because of its large offering of textbooks. The textbooks available are usually the latest editions. 

Reading books digitally can be highly convenient as an entire library can be kept on a single device. Additionally, replicating the books across devices is also quite simple. For easy downloading of books through torrent links, the five sites are worth having a look at.



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