Netcore Forum Explores “Unleashing The Power of Transaction Emails to Maximize ROI”


Wednesday, September 13, 2017  7.00pm/Proshare WebTV 

Leading global marketing communications company, Netcore Solutions, held a power-packed forum involving major stakeholders with the theme: “Unleash the Power of Transactional Emails to Maximize ROI.” Delivering a keynote speech, Abithab Bhaskar, Group Senior Vice President – Global Sales describes transactional emails as one-to-one emails that contain information that completes a transaction or process the recipient has started with you.    

Speaking further on the benefits of transactional emails to maximize returns, Abithab Bhaskar cited an insurance company that found that 20% of its email revenue comes from transactional messages which make up only 3% of its volume. 

He identified the fact that a major travel site generates 45% of its email profits from triggered messages that make up only 5% of the total message volume. He enthused that global organizations are making leaps and bounds in revenue generation using transactional emails.  

This was followed by Siddhesh Sawant, Business Manager – Nigeria, as he delivered a Falconide Admin Presentation, giving stakeholders a run-through of the user interface of the panel. The benefits of this innovation from Netcore include: Delivery of emails within 5 seconds (0.2 milliseconds latency support), Capable of delivering 10 million emails an hour per client, Low and High priority pipes basis on criticality of the email, Supports SMTP, HTTP, HTIPS connections.     

Other benefits include: Reports Real Time Bounces, Drops, Sent, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed Abuse, which Device mail opened, LAN IP and Latency, 250 servers based in 4 IDCS, Horizontal expansion of infra within 24 hours, Expert and dedicated Delivery Experts Team 24/7.    

This innovation according to Netcore solutions is poised to completely redefine customer relationship management as tracking will bring useful insights which eventually will transform into revenue. Ultimately, a combination of automation and real time action is the key to success. 

Netcore Solutions develops enterprise communication and digital marketing solutions, that offers an enterprise communication suite that includes on-premise and on-cloud messaging, archiving, email, collaboration, SMS, and voice delivery solutions.    

It also provides Smartech, a marketing automation platform; email, mobile, and affiliate marketing solutions; mobile Web advertisements; profiled mobile DB marketing services; and a multi-modal campaign and response management solution. The company serves small, medium, and large enterprises in BFSI, FMCG, government, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical, and retail sectors.  

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