SPNS Consulting Hosts Discourse 0n “Managing Business Rules Within a Challenging Economy”


Monday, May 22, 2017 5.00pm/Proshare WebTV

SPNS Consulting, as part of its contribution to drive economic growth and development in Nigeria, hosted a business breakfast meeting with the theme: “Managing Business Rules for Business Profitability within a Challenging Economy-The benefits and Restrictive Capacity of Business Rules and its Effects on Developing and Driving a Process Innovation Based Organization”. The aim of the meeting was to foster improvements in the current core processes to create the required flow for market share acquisition, retention and transformation within a challenging economy.

The Chairman of the event, Mr. Tunji Oyebanji, CEO, Mobil Oil Nigeria, lauded the initiative and encouraged everyone to participate actively in mapping out the way forward in the face of Nigeria’s challenging economic climate. In his presentation, the host, Mr. Debo Adebayo, CEO, SPNS Consulting, charged stakeholders to understand the economic climate and its effect on businesses. He emphasized the need to conduct a product analysis to gauge product performance against similar brands, and work on observing and making decisions based on economic and behavioral shifts with special focus on policies within and without.

At the panel session, the lead discussant, Mr. Lere Baale, CEO, Business School Netherlands, Nigeria, pointed out four (4) key factors in the alignment of strategy, structure & system in running a successful business namely: (1) There must be good quality product (2) A very good marketing process to recruit customers (3) Operations: Once the business attains a high level of demand, operations must expand, and (4) There is a need to design a loyalty scheme. He stated that digital transformation has engendered a constant state of change in the business environment, and as such, it is important to shorten reaction time in order to thrive.

Hakeem Adeniji Adele
– Director, Public Sector Business, Microsoft Nigeria, in his intervention decried the fact that Nigeria was currently ranked 169 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business index ranking, even lesser than countries with minimal resources at their disposal. He highlighted three (3) factors that could improve the country’s ranking:  Automation of processes, Collapse processes, and Thorough Government audits.

For the Founder/CEO Proshare Nigeria Limited, Mr. Olufemi Awoyemi, Nigeria as a collective has been achieving progress purely by coincidence. Thus, he proposed simple pragmatism as a solution, admonishing stakeholders to ensure that the business models being employed are reviewed at all times.

He made a strong case using fast food giant McDonald’s as a prime example, revealing that contrary to popular belief the franchise is in fact a real estate powerhouse, not subject to the volatility in the fast food sector.

In his presentation, Dr. Charles Ugwu, Director Professional Development, CIPM Nigeria, proffered the creation of policies that are adaptable and relevant to the economy, continuous learning as regards human capital in organizations, resilience in engagement and navigation of the business terrain, and creativity to nurture innovation, as key indices necessary for managing business rules for business profitability within a challenging economy.

Highlights of the event was the presentation of the Business Process and Performance Review Magazine, a bi-monthly publication of SPNS Consulting by the Chairman of the occasion Mr Tunji Oyebanji.

The panel discussion featured Mr. Tunji Oyebanji, Mr. Lere Baale, Mr. Tony Agenmonme, Mr. Olufemi Awoyemi, Dr Charles Ugwu, and Hakeem Adeniji Adele.


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