100 Days After CBN's Board Removal: Know When to Hold, Fold and Walk Away


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Beyond the complex numbers of an analyst's spreadsheet, Kenny Rogers's The Gambler song plays softly in the background to FBN's recent saga. Holding, folding, and walking away is simple but not random; the poker or bridge cards tell a story, and the hero at the end of the tale is the player that discerns the moves of others and creates an opportunity to ride upon their foibles.


However, corporate card play is notably different. The intelligent corporate strategist is not obsessively worried by business rivals if generic marketplace strategies such as product or service differentiation and cost containment (Michael Porter's five forces surrogates) are used as dummy moves to disguise the actual intention of reimaging and redefining the marketplace or choosing to play a market game situated in uncontested commercial territories (Kim and Mauborgne's blue ocean shift).


A few pointers to the path of corporate sustainability include the following:

  • Understanding that customer loyalty is out and bargain hunting in.
  • Realizing that at the top of market penetration and dominance is user experience and interface (UX/UI).
  • Corporations that lounge will hit the ground. Speed, efficiency, and ease of use are becoming critical to customer satisfaction as the concept of 'satisficing' becomes a bedrock of retaining customer patronage. Within this context, FBN's front desk must be the best-in-class; otherwise, it would crumble in the face of more challenging and more customer-centric rivals.
  • Millennial and post-millennial customers are partial to companies with high environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. The higher standards of corporate governance expected by millennial customers support the CBN's timeliness to review board appointments at the Holdco and its bank and the subsequent decision to make changes.
  • FBNH and FBN need to raise their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) quotient. Business analysts note that the battle for the future will be a fierce fight for a larger market share of a tech-savvy customer base uninterested in excuses and impatient with laggards. The new marketplace is not just about size but also flexibility and creativity; the success of future businesses, in the words of IBM's one-time CEO, Lou Gerstner, requires that "elephants learn how to dance."; and
  • "Nowcasting" or using multiple models to predict consumer behaviour will become a science and corporate art form that FBNH/FBN and its rivals must master if they must survive the brutal competitive battles to come. Market disruptions must be built into corporate strategies so that a situation like the high exposure of FBN to the oil and gas and energy sectors in 2015/2016 does not repeat itself and force the lender into a dire situation of multiple loan defaults (see illustration 12 below).


Illustration 12: The Hard Road to Sustainability

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The road to the future will be challenging and gruelling; yet, if FBNH and FBN can resolve administrative and interest conflicts, the lender could hold its own in the Nigerian Tier 1 banks committee. However, if stubborn resistance to external and internal change is allowed to fester, the circus trick of stacked gambling cards will come crashing down.


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