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Results: Linkage Assurance & FlourMills Plc


September 05 , 2008


Linkage Assurance Plc today released its audited results for the year ended 31st December, 2007. Turnover jumped by 258.49% to N1.026 billion, from N286.2 million, PBT also increased by 298.95% to N304.8 million, from N76.4 million, PAT also increased by 283.08% to N273.9 million, from N71.5 million, in the corresponding period of 2007.

Flourmill Plc also released its un-audited results for first quarter ended 30th June, 2008. Turnover grew by 59.06% to N36.979 billion, while PAT increased by 33.20% to N1.950 billion and PAT increased by 33.17% to N1.365 billion. In spite of the good earnings reported by the two companies, their share price closed flat. This might be due to the current mood in the market for Linkage Assurance and low traded for Flourmill.
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