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Dividend & Results - UBA, Airline Services & Std Alliance


The shares of UBA Plc were adjusted for a twin benefit declaration consisting final cash dividend of N0.75 and stock dividend of “1 for 4”. After today’s adjustment, the stock closed at N11.56 per share. 


Airline Services and Logistics Plc announced its third quarter financial performance today. The company’s turnover grew by 9.9% to N2.75bn, while net profits dropped by 26.3% to N207.8mn. Its stock was unchanged at N14.44.


Standard Alliance Group Plc provided forecasts for its first quarter results in the coming financial year. Management expects a gross premium of N947.3mn; while net profit is expected to hover around N430.3mn. Should the company achieve this, net profit margins would be healthy at 45.4%. Meanwhile, the company’s stock shed 476 bpts to N1.40 today.

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