How to Trade Cocoa on ComX


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Whether it's dark, white, or milk chocolate, or a steamy cup of coffee-we can agree that the sweet taste of rich creamy chocolate on the tongue feels heavenly. These milky treats we indulge in every day all come from the same place: the cocoa bean. The best part is while you enjoy a milky bar, you can make money from your favorite commodity on ComX, the innovative digital trading platform launched by AFEX.


This new harvest season, Cocoa has taken the lead as the first commodity to be listed on the platform for retail and institutional investors to diversify their investment portfolio. It is also the first commodity listed to enjoy the new ComX 1kg.


If you're not new to ComX, you would remember that back in 2020, when the app was launched, promoting simple and easy access to alternative investment using commodity contracts, investors could only participate in the wealth making process through the entry-level of N18,000/N20,000 to 100kg per contract size.


However, ComX launched a 1kg plan earlier in October to help investors with low-risk tolerance access greater returns by investing in commodity contracts for as low as N200 per kg. This means instead of N110,000 for 100kg per unit of Cocoa, you can gain access to Cocoa at N1,100 for 1kg per unit of Cocoa. Additionally, you can trade in other commodities like Maize, Sorghum, Sesame, Ginger, Paddy Rice to diversify your portfolio as an investor and trade at low costs. This feature gives you a low-cost option to gain returns on ComX and meet your short and long-term investment goals based on your risks level.


So why should you trade Cocoa on ComX? Already the spot cocoa contract trading on ComX has done a quick 9% increase just barely two weeks after the launch. Imagine the return rate before December, now that's a massive gain. Moreover, the economic importance of cocoa is constantly on the rise as demand increases year on year in the cocoa industry. Currently, the price of cocoa is low, which means investors exposed to cocoa contracts would gain significantly in the market. Trading cocoa on ComX provides investors with an easy opportunity to gain exposure to the commodity and maximize their returns on investment.


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How to trade Cocoa on ComX

Don't have the ComX App just yet? Find the Android App here. Find the iOS App here Or Sign Up at


Now that you've signed up:

  • Fund your wallet if you haven't.
  • Click on the "Markets" tab
  • Head over to "Trades"
  • Scroll to find the listed cocoa contract
  • And buy as many quantities as you want.


Buy as many units of Cocoa as you want and watch your portfolio grow.


Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


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