Domestic Commodity Prices Oblivious to a Falling Naira


Friday, December 9, 2016 10:24 AM /fdc 

With OPEC in consensus and the dollar strengthening, Nigeria’s oil revenue remains mainly positive.

However, domestic commodity prices were oblivious to a falling naira and stayed flat.

In all of this, Christmas price hikes are yet to materialise.


The below report/content summarizes the commodity price movements for this week. 

Burning Economic Issues 

• President to present budget on Wednesday

• Oil price slides to $53.02pb

• Bankers committee retreat to hold in Lagos

• 2019 is year of self-sufficiency in wheat in Nigeria

• Naira trading flat in forex market at N485/$

• Diesel price up 2.5% to N205/ltr  

Domestic Commodity Prices 

• Domestic price level stagnant

• Consumers tussling with groaning retailers

• Value brands growing share

• Premium brands hemorrhaging


Stock Market 

• NSE ASI 0.01% (25,673.80pts)

•November weakness, December mild rally

• Market recovers slightly amidst losses in FMCG industry

Oil Markets Today

Oil Prices Rally  

• Brent crude 3.49% to $53.02pb

• 11.31% higher than November’s average of $47.02pb

• Non-OPEC members to meet on Saturday to agree on 600,000bpd cut

• Markets are sceptic as production is at record high

• Consensus is that the cut is likely to be insufficient to clamp down on global glut


Outlook – Oil Prices  

• Very likely that non-OPEC members will agree to a cut

• Therefore, prices to trade in $55-$57pb range

• Downside risk:

• Some countries may want exemptions to capture gains from improved price environment

• Putting a ceiling on price increase or

• Facilitating a bearish market   

Outlook – Agric Prices 


• Reduction in US wheat acreage in 2017/2018 season to support prices

• US growers attempting to take advantage of high corn prices to increase sales  



• Sugar prices to trade sideways on anticipation of good supplies  


• Ivory Coast CCC* to withhold forward cocoa sales for 2017/18 crop to stabilize prices

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